Presentations and Authors

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Artificial Intelligence for Development

Development Projects for the CausalityWorkbench PDF
Isabelle Guyon, Jean-Philippe Pellet, Alexander Statnikov
Document Classification for Focused Topics PDF
Russell Power, Jay Chen, Trishank Karthik, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian
Quantifying Behavioral Data Sets of Criminal Activity PDF
Jameson L. Toole, Nathan Eagle, Joshua B. Plotkin
Voice as Data: Learning from What People Say PDF
Tapan S. Parikh

Educational Robotics and Beyond

Development of a Laboratory Kit for Robotics Engineering Education PDF
Gregory Fischer, William Michalson, Taskin Padir, Gary Pollice
Physics With Robotics — Using LEGO MINDSTORMS In High School Education PDF
William Joseph Church, Tony Ford, Natasha Perova, Chris Rogers

Embedded Reasoning

Assisted Highway Lane Changing with RASCL PDF
Richard Oliver Frankel, Olafur Gudmundsson, Brett Miller, Jordan Potter, Todd Sullivan, Salik Syed, Doreen Hoang, Jae min John, Ki-Shui Liao, Pasha Nahass, Amanda Schwab, Jessica Yuan, David Stavens, Christian Plagemann, Clifford Nass, Sebastian Thrun
Embedded Rule-Based Reasoning for Digital Product Memories PDF
Christian Seitz, Steffen Lamparter, Thorsten Schoeler, Michael Pirker

Intelligent Information Privacy Management

Privacy in Online Social Lending PDF
Rainer Böhme, Stefanie Pötzsch
Mobile Networks and Conflict Management: Farewell to Privacy? PDF
Marta Poblet, Sergi Torralba

It's All in the Timing

What Can Actors Teach Robots About Interaction? PDF
David Lu, Annamaria Pileggi, Chris Wilson, William D. Smart

Linked Data Meets Artificial Intelligence

From Personal Notes to Linked Social Media PDF
Laura Dragan, Alexandre Passant, Tudor Groza, Siegfried Handschuh
Linking the Deep Web to the Linked DataWeb PDF
Rahul Parundekar, Craig Knoblock, José Luis Ambite
Measuring Semantic Distance on Linking Data and Using it for Resources Recommendations PDF
Alexandre Passant
Services and the Web of Data: An Unexploited Symbiosis PDF
Carlos Pedrinaci, John Domingue, Reto Krummenacher