Presentations and Authors

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Artificial Intelligence for Development

Traffic Flow Monitoring in Crowded Cities PDF
John Alexander Quinn, Rose Nakibuule

Embedded Reasoning

Assisted Highway Lane Changing with RASCL PDF
Richard Oliver Frankel, Olafur Gudmundsson, Brett Miller, Jordan Potter, Todd Sullivan, Salik Syed, Doreen Hoang, Jae min John, Ki-Shui Liao, Pasha Nahass, Amanda Schwab, Jessica Yuan, David Stavens, Christian Plagemann, Clifford Nass, Sebastian Thrun

Intelligent Information Privacy Management

Ontological Semantics for Data Privacy Compliance: The NEURONA Project PDF
Nuria Casellas, Juan-Emilio Nieto, Albert Meroño, Antoni Roig, Sergi Torralba, Mario Reyes, Pompeu Casanovas
Privacy Codes of Practice for the Social Web: The Analysis of Existing Privacy Codes and Emerging Social-Centric Privacy Risks PDF
Girma Enideg Nigusse, Bart De Decker

It's All in the Timing

Representations of Time in Symbol Grounding Systems PDF
Frank Förster, Chrystopher L. Nehaniv
As Time Goes By: Representing and Reasoning About Timing in Human-Robot Interaction Studies PDF
Hatice Kose-Bagci, Frank Broz, Qiming Shen, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Chrystopher L. Nehaniv