Presentations and Authors

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Artificial Intelligence for Development

An Approach for Mining Accumulated Crop Cultivation Problems and their Solutions PDF
Samhaa R. El-Beltagy, Ahmed Rafea, Said Mabrouk, Mahmoud Rafea
A Model for Quality of Schooling PDF
Massoud Moussavi, Noel McGinn
Causal Structure Learning for Famine Prediction PDF
Ernest Mwebaze, Washington Okori, John Alexander Quinn

Cognitive Shape Processing

Anatomy Learning with Virtual Objects PDF
Andrew T. Stull, Mary Hegarty, Richard E. Mayer
Perceptual Similarity in Visual Metaphor Processing PDF
Lisanne van Weelden, Reinier Cozijn, Alfons Maes, Joost Schilperoord

Educational Robotics and Beyond

Development of a Laboratory Kit for Robotics Engineering Education PDF
Gregory Fischer, William Michalson, Taskin Padir, Gary Pollice
Beyond First Impressions and Fine Farewells: Electronic Tangibles Throughout the Curriculum — Panel Discussion PDF
Jennifer S. Kay, Frank Klassner, Fred G. Martin, David P. Miller, Keith J. O'Hara
iSENSE: A Web Environment and Hardware Platform for Data Sharing and Citizen Science PDF
Fred Martin, Sarah Kuhn, Michelle Scribner-MacLean, Christopher Corcoran, James Dalphond, John Fertitta, Michael McGuiness, Sam Christy, Ivan Rudnicki

Embedded Reasoning

Assisted Highway Lane Changing with RASCL PDF
Richard Oliver Frankel, Olafur Gudmundsson, Brett Miller, Jordan Potter, Todd Sullivan, Salik Syed, Doreen Hoang, Jae min John, Ki-Shui Liao, Pasha Nahass, Amanda Schwab, Jessica Yuan, David Stavens, Christian Plagemann, Clifford Nass, Sebastian Thrun
POMDP Models for Continuous Calibration of Interactive Surfaces PDF
Bastian Migge, Tim Schmidt, Andreas Kunz
Automatic Synthesis of Robust Embedded Control Software PDF
Tichakorn Wongpiromsarn, Ufuk Topcu, Richard M. Murray

Intelligent Information Privacy Management

Combining Privacy and Security Risk Assessment in Security Quality Requirements Engineering PDF
Saeed Abu-Nimeh, Nancy Mead
Ontological Semantics for Data Privacy Compliance: The NEURONA Project PDF
Nuria Casellas, Juan-Emilio Nieto, Albert Meroño, Antoni Roig, Sergi Torralba, Mario Reyes, Pompeu Casanovas
Engineering Privacy in an Age of Information Abundance PDF
Betsy Masiello, Alma Whitten
Privacy and Transparency PDF
Gregory Randolph Mayes
Flash Cookies and Privacy PDF
Ashkan Soltani, Shannon Canty, Quentin Mayo, Lauren Thomas, Chris Jay Hoofnagle
Selective Privacy in a Web-Based World: Challenges of Representing and Inferring Context PDF
K. Krasnow Waterman, Deborah L McGuinness, Li Ding

It's All in the Timing

Grounding Communication Without Prior Structure PDF
Eric Max Meisner, Selma Sabanovic
Separating Moving Objects from Landmarks PDF
Hartmut Messerschmidt
The Immediate Present Train Model Time Production and Representation for Cognitive Agents PDF
Javier Snaider, Ryan McCall, Stan Franklin
Utilising Temporal Information in Behaviour Recognition PDF
H. Joe Steinhauer, Sook-Ling Chua, Hans Werner Guesgen, Stephen Marsland

Linked Data Meets Artificial Intelligence

Using Linked Data for Semi-Automatic Guesstimation PDF
Jonathan Alexander Abourbih, Alan Bundy, Fiona McNeill
Data-gov Wiki: Towards Linking Government Data PDF
Li Ding, Dominic Difranzo, Alvaro Graves, James R Michaelis, Xian Li, Deborah L McGuinness, Jim Hendler
Towards Faceted Browsing over Linked Data PDF
Zhenning Shangguan, Deborah L. McGuinness