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Artificial Intelligence for Development

Contextual Information Portals PDF
Jay Chen Chen, Trishank Karthik, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian
Intelligent Heartsound Diagnostics on a Cellphone Using a Hands-Free Kit PDF
Tiffany Chen, Katherine Kuan, Leo A. G. Celi, Gari D. Clifford
People, Quakes, and Communications: Inferences from Call Dynamics about a Seismic Event and its Influences on a Population PDF
Ashish Kapoor, Nathan Eagle, Eric Horvitz
Document Classification for Focused Topics PDF
Russell Power, Jay Chen, Trishank Karthik, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian

Cognitive Shape Processing

Seeing with the Hands and with the Eyes: The Contributions of Haptic Cues to Anatomical Shape Recognition in Surgery PDF
Madeleine Keehner, Richard K. Lowe
Representations of Shape during Mental Rotation PDF
Peter Khooshabeh, Mary Hegarty
Challenges in Semantics for Computer-Aided Designs PDF
William C. Regli, Joseph Kopena

Educational Robotics and Beyond

Assessing the Impact of Using Robots in Education, Or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chaos PDF
Douglas S. Blank, Deepak Kumar
Beyond First Impressions and Fine Farewells: Electronic Tangibles Throughout the Curriculum — Panel Discussion PDF
Jennifer S. Kay, Frank Klassner, Fred G. Martin, David P. Miller, Keith J. O'Hara
iSENSE: A Web Environment and Hardware Platform for Data Sharing and Citizen Science PDF
Fred Martin, Sarah Kuhn, Michelle Scribner-MacLean, Christopher Corcoran, James Dalphond, John Fertitta, Michael McGuiness, Sam Christy, Ivan Rudnicki
Teaching Robotics and Computer Science with Pinball Machines PDF
Daniel Wong, Darren Earl, Fred Zyda, Sven Koenig
Robots as Recruitment Tools in Computer Science: The New Frontier or Simply Bait and Switch? PDF
Jennifer S. Kay

Embedded Reasoning

Learning Maps of Indoor Environments Based on Human Activity PDF
Slawomir Grzonka, Frederic Dijoux, Andreas Karwath, Wolfram Burgard
Stream-Based Middleware Support for Embedded Reasoning PDF
Fredrik Heintz, Jonas Kvarnström, Patrick Doherty
Sensor-to-Symbol Reasoning for Embedded Intelligence PDF
David Kortenkamp, Scott Bell, Nick Cassimatis
Diagnosis with Incomplete Models: Diagnosing Hidden Interaction Faults PDF
Lukas Daniel Kuhn, Johan de Kleer
POMDP Models for Continuous Calibration of Interactive Surfaces PDF
Bastian Migge, Tim Schmidt, Andreas Kunz

Intelligent Information Privacy Management

Application of an Autonomous Intelligent Cyber Entity as a Veiled Identity Agent PDF
Eran Kahana
Enabling Privacy-Awareness in Social Networks PDF
Ted Kang, Lalana Kagal
Mandatory Enforcement of Privacy Policies using Trusted Computing Principles PDF
Frank Kargl, Florian Schaub, Stefan Dietzel
Wrap Contracts and Privacy PDF
Nancy S. Kim
Towards Territorial Privacy in Smart Environments PDF
Bastian Könings, Florian Schaub, Michael Weber, Frank Kargl
Privacy in Cross-System Personalization PDF
Yang Wang, Alfred Kobsa

It's All in the Timing

As Time Goes By: Representing and Reasoning About Timing in Human-Robot Interaction Studies PDF
Hatice Kose-Bagci, Frank Broz, Qiming Shen, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Chrystopher L. Nehaniv

Linked Data Meets Artificial Intelligence

LENA-TR : Browsing Linked Open Data Along Knowledge-Aspects PDF
Thomas Franz, Jörg Koch, Renata Dividino, Steffen Staab
Linking the Deep Web to the Linked DataWeb PDF
Rahul Parundekar, Craig Knoblock, José Luis Ambite
Services and the Web of Data: An Unexploited Symbiosis PDF
Carlos Pedrinaci, John Domingue, Reto Krummenacher
Linked Data Integration for Semantic Dialogue and Backend Access PDF
Daniel Sonntag, Malte Kiesel