Presentations and Authors

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Artificial Intelligence for Development

Preface PDF
Nathan Eagle, Eric Horvitz
Mining Road Traffic Accident Data to Improve Safety: Role of Road-Related Factors on Accident Severity in Ethiopia PDF
Tibebe Beshah, Shawndra Hill
Reality Mining Africa PDF
Shawndra Hill, Anita Banser, Getachew Berhan, Nathan Eagle
People, Quakes, and Communications: Inferences from Call Dynamics about a Seismic Event and its Influences on a Population PDF
Ashish Kapoor, Nathan Eagle, Eric Horvitz
Using Data Mining to Combat Infrastructure Inefficiencies: The Case of Predicting Nonpayment for Ethiopian Telecom PDF
Mariye Yigzaw, Shawndra Hill, Anita Banser, Lemma Lessa
Inferring Macroeconomic Complexity from Country-Product Network Data PDF
Cesar A Hidalgo, Ricardo Hausmann

Cognitive Shape Processing

Representations of Shape during Mental Rotation PDF
Peter Khooshabeh, Mary Hegarty
Anatomy Learning with Virtual Objects PDF
Andrew T. Stull, Mary Hegarty, Richard E. Mayer

Educational Robotics and Beyond

The Debugging Task: Evaluating a Robotics Design Workshop PDF
Emily Hamner, Tom Lauwers, Debra Bernstein
The Design Compass: A Computer Tool for Scaffolding Students' Metacognition and Discussion about their Engineering Design Process PDF
David Crismond, Morgan Hynes, Ethan Danahy
Tricks of the Trade: Insights on Evaluation PDF
Debra Bernstein, Emily Hamner, Tom Lauwers, Kristen Stubbs

Embedded Reasoning

Assisted Highway Lane Changing with RASCL PDF
Richard Oliver Frankel, Olafur Gudmundsson, Brett Miller, Jordan Potter, Todd Sullivan, Salik Syed, Doreen Hoang, Jae min John, Ki-Shui Liao, Pasha Nahass, Amanda Schwab, Jessica Yuan, David Stavens, Christian Plagemann, Clifford Nass, Sebastian Thrun
Stream-Based Middleware Support for Embedded Reasoning PDF
Fredrik Heintz, Jonas Kvarnström, Patrick Doherty
Actor-Critic Policy Learning in Cooperative Planning PDF
Joshua Redding, Alborz Geramifard, Jonathan How

Intelligent Information Privacy Management

Geospatial Information Services: Balancing Privacy and Innovation PDF
Nathaniel Jurist Gleicher, Jong Sung Hwang
Influence of the “Internet of Things” on Legislation Regarding the Protection of Individual Privacy PDF
Jean-Francois Henrotte
Privacy Classification Systems: Recall and Precision Optimization as Enabler of Trusted Information Sharing PDF
Christopher Hogan, Robert S. Bauer
Flash Cookies and Privacy PDF
Ashkan Soltani, Shannon Canty, Quentin Mayo, Lauren Thomas, Chris Jay Hoofnagle

It's All in the Timing

Prototype Optimization for Temporarily and Spatially Distorted Time Series PDF
Bastian Hartmann, Ingo Schwab, Norbert Link
Anticipation in Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Guy Hoffman
Conflict and Hesitancy in Virtual Actors PDF
Ian Horswill, Karl Fua, Andrew Ortony

Linked Data Meets Artificial Intelligence

Analysing Dependency Dynamics in Web Data PDF
Felix Biessmann, Andreas Harth
C-Link: Concept Linkage in Knowledge Repositories PDF
Peter I. Cowling, Stephen M. Remde, Peter Hartley, Will Stewart, Joe Stock-Brooks, Tom Woolley
Data-gov Wiki: Towards Linking Government Data PDF
Li Ding, Dominic Difranzo, Alvaro Graves, James R Michaelis, Xian Li, Deborah L McGuinness, Jim Hendler
From Personal Notes to Linked Social Media PDF
Laura Dragan, Alexandre Passant, Tudor Groza, Siegfried Handschuh
Vocabulary Hosting: A Modest Proposal PDF
Harry R. Halpin, Tom Baker
A Lightweight Ontology for Describing Images PDF
Pat Hayes, Margaret Warren
Using Linked Data to Build Open, Collaborative Recommender Systems PDF
Benjamin Heitmann, Conor Hayes
Linked Data Is Merely More Data PDF
Prateek Jain, Pascal Hitzler, Peter Z. Yeh, Kunal Verma, Amit P. Sheth