Presentations and Authors

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Artificial Intelligence for Development

Development Projects for the CausalityWorkbench PDF
Isabelle Guyon, Jean-Philippe Pellet, Alexander Statnikov
Who’s Calling? Demographics of Mobile Phone Use in Rwanda PDF
Joshua Evan Blumenstock, Dan Gillick, Nathan Eagle
Machine Learning Methods for Verbal Autopsy in Developing Countries PDF
Sean T. Green, Abraham D. Flaxman

Cognitive Shape Processing

Visual and Haptic Perceptual Spaces From Parametrically-Defined to Natural Objects PDF
Nina Gaissert, Kirstin Ulrichs, Christian Wallraven

Educational Robotics and Beyond

Bitwise Biology: Crossdisciplinary Physical Computing Atop the Arduino PDF
John Grasel, Wynn Vonnegut, Zachary Dodds
IRIS: A Student-Driven Mobile Robotics Project PDF
David Anderson, Jeremy Gottlieb, Eric Thill, Kate Lockwood

Embedded Reasoning

Assisted Highway Lane Changing with RASCL PDF
Richard Oliver Frankel, Olafur Gudmundsson, Brett Miller, Jordan Potter, Todd Sullivan, Salik Syed, Doreen Hoang, Jae min John, Ki-Shui Liao, Pasha Nahass, Amanda Schwab, Jessica Yuan, David Stavens, Christian Plagemann, Clifford Nass, Sebastian Thrun
Implementation of Neural Network on Parameterized FPGA PDF
Alexander Gomperts, Abhisek Ukil, Franz Zurfluh
Learning Maps of Indoor Environments Based on Human Activity PDF
Slawomir Grzonka, Frederic Dijoux, Andreas Karwath, Wolfram Burgard
Actor-Critic Policy Learning in Cooperative Planning PDF
Joshua Redding, Alborz Geramifard, Jonathan How

Intelligent Information Privacy Management

The Web as a Privacy Lab PDF
Richard Chow, Ji Fang, Philippe Golle, Jessica Staddon
Reasoning about the Appropriate Use of Private Data through Computational Workflows PDF
Yolanda Gil, Christian Fritz
Geospatial Information Services: Balancing Privacy and Innovation PDF
Nathaniel Jurist Gleicher, Jong Sung Hwang
Personalized Privacy Policies: Challenges for Data Loss Prevention PDF
Nathan Gnanasambandam, Jessica Staddon
Self-Regulation and Policy in the Spanish Audiovisual Sector: The Catalan Code of Best Practices PDF
Emma Teodoro, Núria Galera, Pompeu Casanovas

It's All in the Timing

Utilising Temporal Information in Behaviour Recognition PDF
H. Joe Steinhauer, Sook-Ling Chua, Hans Werner Guesgen, Stephen Marsland

Linked Data Meets Artificial Intelligence

A Formal Model of Queries on Interlinked RDF Graphs PDF
Paolo Bouquet, Chiara Ghidini, Luciano Serafini
Data-gov Wiki: Towards Linking Government Data PDF
Li Ding, Dominic Difranzo, Alvaro Graves, James R Michaelis, Xian Li, Deborah L McGuinness, Jim Hendler
From Personal Notes to Linked Social Media PDF
Laura Dragan, Alexandre Passant, Tudor Groza, Siegfried Handschuh
Improving Relevancy Accessing Linked Opinion Data PDF
Boris Galitsky, Josep Lluis de la Rosa, Gábor Dobrocsi
Linked Data Meets Computational Intelligence - Position paper PDF
Christophe Gueret