AAAI Publications, 2010 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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Dynamic Execution of Temporal Plans for Temporally Fluid Human-Robot Teaming
Julie A. Shah, Brian C. Williams, Cynthia Breazeal

Last modified: 2010-03-23


Introducing robots as teammates in medical, space, and military domains raises interesting and challenging human factors issues that do not necessarily arise in multi-robot coordination. For example, we must consider how to design robots that integrate seamlessly with human group dynamics. An essential quality of a good human partner is her ability to robustly anticipate and adapt to other team members and the environment. Robots should preserve this ability and avoid constraining their human partners’ flexibility to act. This requires that the robot partner be capable of reasoning quickly online, and adapting to the humans’ actions in a temporally fluid way. This paper describes recent advances in dynamic plan execution, and argues that these advances provide a potentially powerful framework for explicitly modeling and efficiently reasoning on temporal information for human-robot interaction. We describe an executive named Chaski that enables a robot to coordinate with a human to execute a shared plan under different models of teamwork. We have applied Chaski to demonstrate teamwork using two Barrett Whole Arm Manipulators, and describe our ongoing work to demonstrate temporally fluid human-robot teaming using the Mobile-Dexterous-Social (MDS) robot.


human-robot teaming; scheduling; plan execution under uncertainty

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