AAAI Publications, 2010 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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Using Linked Data to Build Open, Collaborative Recommender Systems
Benjamin Heitmann, Conor Hayes

Last modified: 2010-03-23


While recommender systems can greatly enhance the user experience, the entry barriers in terms of data acquisition are very high, making it hard for new service providers to compete with existing recommendation services. This paper proposes to build open recommender systems which can utilise Linked Data to mitigate the new-user, new-item and sparsity problems of collaborative recommender systems. We describe how to aggregate data about object centred sociality from different sources and how to process it for collaborative recommendation. To demonstrate the validity of our approach, we augment the data from a closed collaborative music recommender system with Linked Data, and significantly improve its precision and recall.


recommender system; linked data; web of data; architecture; collaborative filtering; open system;

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