AAAI Publications, 2010 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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Application of an Autonomous Intelligent Cyber Entity as a Veiled Identity Agent
Eran Kahana

Last modified: 2010-03-23


This position paper is based on the CodeX "Autonomous Intelligent Cyber Entity" (AiCE) book project. The AiCE draws on its intelligent and computational law capabilities to promote a safer, more efficient on-line environment. It is a flexible framework that can be configured to serve various purposes in business and individual-user settings. Due to its autonomous, intelligent and broad range functional capabilities, the success of AiCE is dependent on its entity status being formally recognized by law. This paper describes how this status can be granted by building on the same legal principles that endow U.S. corporations with an "entity" status; and while the focus here is purposefully narrowed to U.S. law, the same principles have universal application (a subject dealt with comprehensively in the book). Where the particular intention is to better protect a user's private data, the AiCE can be configured by a user into an "AiCE Veiled Identity Agent" (AVIA). This AiCE configuration shields the user's private information and offers him a "veiled" identity similar to that which corporate shareholders enjoy, all without degrading the flow of information vital to innovation and new value generation. This paper concludes with the introduction of the Uniform AiCE Transactions Act (UATA), an intelligent legal framework designed to govern all AiCE activity, promote trust and widespread adoption of this model.



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