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Wallace, Byron C, Brown University
Wallace, Byron C., University of Texas at Austin
Wallace, Byron C., Northeastern University
Wallace, Byron C., Brown University
Wallace, Byron, Brown University
Wallace, Byron, Northeastern University
Wallace, Mark, Monash University and NICTA
Wallace, Mark, Monash University
Wallace, Richard J., University College Cork
Wallace, Scott, Washington State University
Wallace, Scott A, Washington State University Vancouver
Wallace, Scott A., Washington State University Vancouver
Wallace, Shaun, Brown University
Wallach, David J., Pace University
Wallelign, Serawork, École nationale d'ingénieurs de Brest
Walling, Steven, Wikimedia Foundation
Wallis, Michael, North Carolina State University and Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Wallis, Phillip, Cambria Health Solutions
Wallner, Johannes Peter, Vienna University of Technology
Wallner, Johannes P., TU Wien
Wallner, Johannes Peter, University of Helsinki
Wallner, Johannes P., University of Helsinki
Wallraven, Christian, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
Wallsten, Thomas S., University of Maryland
Walraven, Erwin, Delft University of Technology

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