Presentations and Authors

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Long Papers

Finding Optimal Longest Paths by Dynamic Programming in Parallel PDF
Kai Fieger, Tomas Balyo, Christian Schulz, Dominik Schreiber
PASAR — Planning as Satisfiability with Abstraction Refinement PDF
Nils Froleyks, Tomas Balyo, Dominik Schreiber
Improving Bidirectional Heuristic Search by Bounds Propagation PDF
Shahaf S. Shperberg, Ariel Felner, Solomon Eyal Shimony, Nathan R. Sturtevant, Avi Hayoun

Short Papers

Interleaving Search and Heuristic Improvement PDF
Santiago Franco, Alvaro Torralba

Position Papers

Multi-Agent Pathfinding: Definitions, Variants, and Benchmarks PDF
Roni Stern, Nathan R. Sturtevant, Ariel Felner, Sven Koenig, Hang Ma, Thayne T. Walker, Jiaoyang Li, Dor Atzmon, Liron Cohen, T. K. Satish Kumar, Roman Barták, Eli Boyarski

Extended Abstracts

Probabilistic Robust Multi-Agent Path Finding PDF
Dor Atzmon, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern
A Case Study on the Importance of Low-Level Algorithmic Details in Domain-Independent Heuristics PDF
Ryo Kuroiwa, Alex Fukunaga
Improved Heuristics for Multi-Agent Path Finding with Conflict-Based Search: Preliminary Results PDF
Jiaoyang Li, Eli Boyarski, Ariel Felner, Hang Ma, Sven Koenig
Multi-Agent Path Finding for Large Agents PDF
Jiaoyang Li, Pavel Surynek, Ariel Felner, Hang Ma, T. K. Satish Kumar, Sven Koenig
Enriching Non-Parametric Bidirectional Search Algorithms — Extended Abstract PDF
Shahaf S. Shperberg, Ariel Felner, Nathan R. Sturtevant, Solomon Eyal Shimony, Avi Hayoun
Algorithms for Average Regret Minimization PDF
Sabine Storandt, Stefan Funke
Unbounded Sub-Optimal Conflict-Based Search in Complex Domains PDF
Thayne T. Walker, Nathan R. Sturtevant, Ariel Felner