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Full Papers

Robust Multi-Agent Path Finding PDF
Dor Atzmon, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner, Glenn Wagner, Roman Bartak, Neng-Fa Zhou
Bounded Suboptimal Game Tree Search PDF
Dor Atzmon, Roni Stern, Abdallah Saffidine
A Refined Understanding of Cost-Optimal Planning with Polytree Causal Graphs PDF
Christer Backstrom, Peter Jonsson, Sebastian Ordyniak
GBFHS: A Generalized Breadth-First Heuristic Search Algorithm PDF
Michael Barley, Patricia Riddle, Carlos Linares López, Sean Dobson, Ira Pohl
A Regression-Based Methodology for Online Algorithm Selection PDF
Hans Degroote, Patrick De Causmaecker, Bernd Bischl, Lars Kotthoff
Online Refinement of Cartesian Abstraction Heuristics PDF
Rebecca Eifler, Maximilian Fickert
Forward Search in Contraction Hierarchies PDF
Daniel D. Harabor, Peter J. Stuckey
A Suboptimality Bound for 2k Grid Path Planning PDF
Benjamín Kramm, Nicolas Rivera, Carlos Hernandez, Jorge A. Baier
StaticHS: A Variant of Reiter’s Hitting Set Tree for Efficient Sequential Diagnosis PDF
Patrick Rodler, Manuel Herold
Minimizing Node Expansions in Bidirectional Search with Consistent Heuristics PDF
Eshed Shaham, Ariel Felner, Nathan R. Sturtevant, Jeffrey S. Rosenschein
Merge-and-Shrink Heuristics for Classical Planning: Efficient Implementation and Partial Abstractions PDF
Silvan Sievers
Sub-Optimal SAT-Based Approach to Multi-Agent Path-Finding Problem PDF
Pavel Surynek, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern, Eli Boyarski
Fast Near-Optimal Path Planning on State Lattices with Subgoal Graphs PDF
Tansel Uras, Sven Koenig
Message Passing Algorithms for Semiring-Based and Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problems PDF
Hong Xu, Cheng Cheng, Sven Koenig, T. K. Satish Kumar
Fast k-Nearest Neighbor on a Navigation Mesh PDF
Shizhe Zhao, David Taniar, Daniel D. Harabor

Short Papers

Using Algorithm Configuration Tools to Generate Hard SAT Benchmarks PDF
Tomáš Balyo, Lukáš Chrpa
On the Complexity of Quantum Circuit Compilation PDF
Adi Botea, Akihiro Kishimoto, Radu Marinescu
Benchmarks for Pathfinding in 3D Voxel Space PDF
Daniel Brewer, Nathan R. Sturtevant
Rapid Randomized Restarts for Multi-Agent Path Finding Solvers PDF
Liron Cohen, Glenn Wagner, David Chan, Howie Choset, Nathan Sturtevant, Sven Koenig, T. K. Satish Kumar
Position Paper: Using Early Goal Test in A* PDF
Ariel Felner
Making Hill-Climbing Great Again through Online Relaxation Refinement and Novelty Pruning PDF
Maximilian Fickert
Does Fast Beat Thorough? Comparing RTAA* and LSS-LRTA* PDF
Shane Kochvi, Wheeler Ruml
Focused SANA: Speeding Up Network Alignment PDF
Ilia Leybovich, Rami Puzis, Roni Stern, Maor Reuben
A Neural Network for Decision Making in Real-Time Heuristic Search PDF
Franco Muñoz, Miguel Fadic, Carlos Hernández, Jorge A. Baier
Stubborn Sets Pruning for Privacy Preserving Planning PDF
Tim Schulte

Extended Abstracts

k-Nearest Neighbors on Road Networks: Euclidean Heuristic Revisited PDF
Tenindra Abeywickrama, Muhammad Aamir Cheema, David Taniar
Extended Abstract: The Heuristic Search Research Framework PDF
Meir Goldenberg