Presentations and Authors

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Long Papers

Sleep Sets Meet Duplicate Elimination PDF
Yusra Alkhazraji, Martin Wehrle
Weighted Lateral Learning in Real-Time Heuristic Search PDF
Vadim Bulitko, Alexander Sampley
A Theoretical Framework for Constraint Propagator Triggering PDF
David A. Cohen, Christopher Jefferson, Karen E. J. Petrie
Consistent Rounding of Edge Weights in Graphs PDF
Stefan Funke, Sabine Storandt
Dynamic Potential Search — A New Bounded Suboptimal Search PDF
Daniel Gilon, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern
Partial Delete Relaxation, Unchained: On Intractable Red-Black Planning and Its Applications PDF
Daniel Gnad, Marcel Steinmetz, Mathäus Jany, Jörg Hoffmann, Ivan Serina, Alfonso Gerevini
Recursive Constraint Manifold Subsearch for Multirobot Path Planning with Cooperative Tasks PDF
Peter Karkus, Glenn Wagner, Howie Choset
Searching with a Corrupted Heuristic PDF
Levi H. S. Lelis, Richard Valenzano, Gabriel Nazar, Roni Stern
Finding Maximum k-Cliques Faster Using Lazy Global Domination PDF
Ciaran McCreesh, Patrick Prosser
Repair Policies for Not Reopening Nodes in Different Search Settings PDF
Vitaly Sepetnitsky, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern
A Multi-Phase Search Approach to the LEGO Construction Problem PDF
Ben Stephenson
A Hybrid Quantum-Classical Approach to Solving Scheduling Problems PDF
Tony T. Tran, Minh Do, Eleanor G. Rieffel, Jeremy Frank, Zhihui Wang, Bryan O'Gorman, Davide Venturelli, J. Christopher Beck
Path Planning in Dynamic Environments with Adaptive Dimensionality PDF
Anirudh Vemula, Katharina Muelling, Jean Oh

Short Papers

Machine Teaching as Search PDF
Scott Alfeld, Xiaojin Zhu, Paul Barford
Burnt Pancake Problem: New Lower Bounds on the Diameter and New Experimental Optimality Ratios PDF
Bruno Bouzy
Searching for Real-Time Heuristic Search Algorithms PDF
Vadim Bulitko
Compliant Conditions for Polynomial Time Approximation of Operator Counts PDF
Tathagata Chakraborti, Sarath Sreedharan, Sailik Sengupta, T. K. Satish Kumar, Subbarao Kambhampati
Stochastic Local Search over Minterms on Structured SAT Instances PDF
Wenxiang Chen, Darrell Whitley, Adele Howe, Brian Goldman
An Improved Metaheuristic Algorithm for Maximizing Demand Satisfaction in the Population Harvest Cutting Stock Problem PDF
Laura Climent, Barry O'Sullivan, Richard J. Wallace
Calculating the Number of Order-6 Magic Squares with Modular Lifting PDF
Skylar R. Croy, Jeremy A. Hansen, Daniel J. McQuillan
Anytime versus Real-Time Heuristic Search for On-Line Planning PDF
Bence Cserna, Mike Bogochow, Stephen Chambers, Michaela Tremblay, Sammie Katt, Wheeler Ruml
Numeric Planning via Search Space Abstraction (Extended Abstract) PDF
León Illanes, Sheila A. McIlraith
Optimal Solitaire Game Solutions Using A* Search and Deadlock Analysis PDF
Gerald Paul, Malte Helmert
Trial-Based Heuristic Tree-search for Distributed Multi-Agent Planning PDF
Tim Schulte, Bernhard Nebel
Extended Abstract: An Improved Priority Function for Bidirectional Heuristic Search PDF
Guni Sharon, Robert C. Holte, Ariel Felner, Nathan R. Sturtevant
Batch Repair with Heuristic Search PDF
Hilla Shinitzky, Ron Tzvi Stern, Meir Kalech
Generalizing JPS Symmetry Detection: Canonical Orderings on Graphs PDF
Nathan R. Sturtevant
An Empirical Comparison of the Hardness of Multi-Agent Path Finding under the Makespan and the Sum of Costs Objectives PDF
Pavel Surynek, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern, Eli Boyarski


Abstracts of Papers Presented at SoCS 2016 in the Previously Published Paper Track PDF
Jorge A. Baier, Adi Botea