Presentations and Authors

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Long Papers

A Theoretical Framework for Constraint Propagator Triggering PDF
David A. Cohen, Christopher Jefferson, Karen E. J. Petrie
Recursive Constraint Manifold Subsearch for Multirobot Path Planning with Cooperative Tasks PDF
Peter Karkus, Glenn Wagner, Howie Choset

Short Papers

Compliant Conditions for Polynomial Time Approximation of Operator Counts PDF
Tathagata Chakraborti, Sarath Sreedharan, Sailik Sengupta, T. K. Satish Kumar, Subbarao Kambhampati
Stochastic Local Search over Minterms on Structured SAT Instances PDF
Wenxiang Chen, Darrell Whitley, Adele Howe, Brian Goldman
An Improved Metaheuristic Algorithm for Maximizing Demand Satisfaction in the Population Harvest Cutting Stock Problem PDF
Laura Climent, Barry O'Sullivan, Richard J. Wallace
Calculating the Number of Order-6 Magic Squares with Modular Lifting PDF
Skylar R. Croy, Jeremy A. Hansen, Daniel J. McQuillan
Anytime versus Real-Time Heuristic Search for On-Line Planning PDF
Bence Cserna, Mike Bogochow, Stephen Chambers, Michaela Tremblay, Sammie Katt, Wheeler Ruml