AAAI Publications, Fourth Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Search

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Size-Independent Additive Pattern Databases for the Pancake Problem
Álvaro Torralba Arias de Reyna, Carlos Linares López

Last modified: 2011-07-05


The Pancake problem has become a classical combinatorial problem. Different attempts have been made to optimally solve it and/or to derive tighter bounds on the diameter of its state space for a different number of discs. Until very recently, the most successful technique for solving different instances optimally was based on Pattern Databases. Although different approaches have been tried, solutions with Pattern Databases on Pancakes with more than 19 discs have never been reported. In this work, a new technique is introduced which allows the definition of Additive Pattern Databases for solving Pancakes of an arbitrary length. As a result, this technique solves Pancake problems with twice as many discs as the largest ones solved nowadays with other techniques based on Pattern Databases saving up to two orders of magnitude of space.


pattern databases; heuristic search; pancake problem

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