Presentations and Authors

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SoCS 2010 Organization PDF
Ariel Felner, Nathan Sturtevant
Preface PDF
Ariel Felner, Nathan Sturtevant

Oral Presentations

On Transposition Tables for Single-Agent Search and Planning: Summary of Results PDF
Yuima Akagi, Akihiro Kishimoto, Alex Fukunaga
Additive Heuristic for Four-Connected Gridworlds PDF
Kenneth Anderson
Real-Time Search in Dynamic Worlds PDF
David Bond, Niels A. Widger, Wheeler Ruml, Xiaoxun Sun
GPU Exploration of Two-Player Games with Perfect Hash Functions PDF
Stefan Edelkamp, Damian Sulewski, Cengizhan Yücel
Heuristic Contraction Hierarchies with Approximation Guarantee PDF
Robert Geisberger, Dennis Schieferdecker
Portal-Based True-Distance Heuristics for Path Finding PDF
Meir Goldenberg, Ariel Felner, Nathan Sturtevant, Jonathan Schaeffer
Common Misconceptions Concerning Heuristic Search PDF
Robert C. Holte
Bootstrap Learning of Heuristic Functions PDF
Shahab Jabbari Arfaee, Sandra Zilles, Robert C. Holte
On the Scaling Behavior of HDA* PDF
Akihiro Kishimoto, Alex Fukunaga, Adi Botea
Layer-Abstraction for Symbolically Solving General Two-Player Games PDF
Peter Kissmann, Stefan Edelkamp
Objective Functions for Multi-Way Number Partitioning PDF
Richard Earl Korf
Adding Diversity to Classical Heuristic Planning PDF
Carlos Linares López, Daniel Borrajo
Improving Local Search for Resource-Constrained Planning PDF
Hootan Nakhost, Jörg Hoffmann, Martin Müller
Searching for a k-Clique in Unknown Graphs PDF
Roni Tzvi Stern, Meir Kalech, Ariel Felner
Directed Plateau Search for MAX-k-SAT PDF
Andrew Michael Sutton, Adele E. Howe, L. Darrell Whitley
Finding Acceptable Solutions Faster Using Inadmissible Information PDF
Jordan Tyler Thayer, Wheeler Ruml
Adaptive K-Parallel Best-First Search: A Simple but Efficient Algorithm for Multi-Core Domain-Independent Planning PDF
Vincent Vidal, Lucas Bordeaux, Youssef Hamadi


Landmark Heuristics for the Pancake Problem PDF
Malte Helmert
Computing Equivalent Transformations for Combinatorial Optimization by Branch-and-Bound Search PDF
Eric I. Hsu, Sheila A. McIlraith
Potential Search: A New Greedy Anytime Heuristic Search PDF
Roni Tzvi Stern, Rami Puzis, Ariel Felner
Anytime Heuristic Search: Frameworks and Algorithms PDF
Jordan Tyler Thayer, Wheeler Ruml
A Comparison of Greedy Search Algorithms PDF
Christopher Makoto Wilt, Jordan Tyler Thayer, Wheeler Ruml
Edge Partitioning in Parallel Structured Duplicate Detection PDF
Rong Zhou, Tim Schmidt, Eric A. Hansen, Minh B. Do, Serdar Uckun

Position Papers

Cost Based Search Considered Harmful PDF
William Cushing, J. Benton, Subbarao Kambhampati
The Logic of Benchmarking: A Case Against State-of-the-Art Performance PDF
Wheeler Ruml


Search-Based Path Planning with Homotopy Class Constraints PDF
Subhrajit Bhattacharya, Vijay Kumar, Maxim Likhachev
High-Quality Policies for the Canadian Traveler's Problem PDF
Patrick Eyerich, Thomas Keller, Malte Helmert
Evolving Hyper Heuristic-Based Solvers for Rush Hour and FreeCell PDF
Ami Hauptman, Achiya Elyasaf, Moshe Sipper
Single-Frontier Bidirectional Search PDF
Carsten Moldenhauer, Ariel Felner, Nathan Sturtevant, Jonathan Schaeffer
Lazy Theta*: Any-Angle Path Planning and Path Length Analysis in 3D PDF
Alex Nash, Sven Koenig, Craig Tovey
Search Space Reduction Using Swamp Hierarchies PDF
Nir Pochter, Aviv Zohar, Jeffrey S. Rosenschein, Ariel Felner
Simultaneously Searching with Multiple Settings: An Alternative to Parameter Tuning for Suboptimal Single-Agent Search Algorithms PDF
Richard Anthony Valenzano, Nathan Sturtevant, Jonathan Schaeffer, Karen Buro, Akihiro Kishimoto