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General Papers

Classifying Scientific Publications Using Abstract Features PDF
Cornelia Caragea, Adrian Silvescu, Saurabh Kataria, Doina Caragea, Prasenjit Mitra
Reformulating Dynamic Linear Constraint Satisfaction Problems as Weighted CSPs for Searching Robust Solutions PDF
Laura Climent, Miguel Ángel Salido, Federico Barber
Reformulating R(*, m)C with Tree Decomposition PDF
Shant Karakashian, Robert J. Woodward, Berthe Y. Choueiry
Simultaneous Abstract and Concrete Reinforcement Learning PDF
Tiago Matos, Yannick P. Bergamo, Valdinei Freire da Silva, Fabio G. Cozman, Anna Helena Reali Costa
A Reformulation Strategy for Multi-Dimensional CSPs: The Case Study of the SET Game PDF
Amanda Swearngin, Berthe Y. Choueiry, Eugene C. Freuder
Reformulating the Dual Graphs of CSPs to Improve the Performance of Relational Neighborhood Inverse Consistency PDF
Robert J. Woodward, Shant Karakashian, Berthe Y. Choueiry, Christian Bessiere