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General Papers

Satisfiability Modulo Theories: An Efficient Approach for the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem PDF
Carlos Ansótegui, Miquel Bofill, Miquel Palahí, Josep Suy, Mateu Villaret
Automatic Synthesis of Temporal Invariants PDF
Sara Bernardini, David E. Smith
Approximate Search on Protein Structures for Identification of Horizontal Gene Transfer in Bacteria PDF
Swetha Billa, Mark Griep, Peter Revesz
Reformulating Dynamic Linear Constraint Satisfaction Problems as Weighted CSPs for Searching Robust Solutions PDF
Laura Climent, Miguel Ángel Salido, Federico Barber
Path Symmetries in Undirected Uniform-Cost Grids PDF
Daniel Damir Harabor, Adi Botea, Philip Kilby
Simultaneous Abstract and Concrete Reinforcement Learning PDF
Tiago Matos, Yannick P. Bergamo, Valdinei Freire da Silva, Fabio G. Cozman, Anna Helena Reali Costa
Does Representation Matter in the Planning Competition? PDF
Patricia J. Riddle, Robert C. Holte, Michael W. Barley
Reformulating the Dual Graphs of CSPs to Improve the Performance of Relational Neighborhood Inverse Consistency PDF
Robert J. Woodward, Shant Karakashian, Berthe Y. Choueiry, Christian Bessiere