Presentations and Authors

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Research Papers

Combining Strategic Learning with Tactical Search in Real-Time Strategy Games PDF
Nicolas A. Barriga, Marius Stanescu, Michael Buro
STARDATA: A StarCraft AI Research Dataset PDF
Zeming Lin, Jonas Gehring, Vasil Khalidov, Gabriel Synnaeve
A Possible Worlds Model of Belief for State-Space Narrative Planning PDF
Alireza Shirvani, Stephen G. Ware, Rachelyn Farrell
Deep Learning for Real-Time Heuristic Search Algorithm Selection PDF
Devon Sigurdson, Vadim Bulitko
Generative Design for Textiles: Opportunities and Challenges for Entertainment AI PDF
Gillian Smith
Studying the Effects of Training Data on Machine Learning-Based Procedural Content Generation PDF
Sam Snodgrass, Adam Summerville, Santiago Ontanon

Poster Papers

Modeling Individual Differences in Game Behavior Using HMM PDF
Sara Bunian, Alessandro Canossa, Randy Colvin, Magy Seif El-Nasr
Towards Adaptability of Demonstration-Based Training of NPC Behavior PDF
John Drake, Alla Safonova, Maxim Likhachev
Emerging Sounds Through Implicit Cooperation: A Novel Model for Dynamic Music Generation PDF
Mário Escarce Junior, Georgia Rossmann Martins, Leandro Soriano Marcolino, Yuri Tavares dos Passos
Predicting Victory in a Hybrid Online Competitive Game: The Case of Destiny PDF
Yaser Norouzzadeh Ravari, Pieter Spronck, Rafet Sifa, Anders Drachen
LISA: Lexically Intelligent Story Assistant PDF
Rushit Sanghrajka, Daniel Hidalgo, Patrick P. Chen, Mubbasir Kapadia
Level Difficulty and Player Skill Prediction in Human Computation Games PDF
Anurag Sarkar, Seth Cooper
Creating a Hyper-Agent for Solving Angry Birds Levels PDF
Matthew Stephenson, Jochen Renz
The Computational Complexity of Angry Birds and Similar Physics-Simulation Games PDF
Matthew Stephenson, Jochen Renz, Xiaoyu Ge


Wevva: Democratising Game Design PDF
Edward Jack Powley, Mark J Nelson, Swen E Gaudl, Simon Colton, Blanca Pérez Ferrer, Rob Saunders, Peter Ivey, Michael Cook

Playable Experiences

Playable Experiences at AIIDE 2017 PDF
Mike Treanor, Nicholas Warren, Mason Reed, Adam M. Smith, Pablo Ortiz, Laurel Coney, Loren Sherman, Elizabeth Carré, Nadya Vivatvisha, D. Fox Harrell, Paola Mardo, Andrew Gordon, Joris Dormans, Barrie Robison, Spencer Gomez, Samantha Heck, Landon Wright, Terence Soule

Workshop: Artificial Intelligence for Strategy Games

An Analysis of Model-Based Heuristic Search Techniques for StarCraft Combat Scenarios PDF
David Churchill, Zeming Lin, Gabriel Synnaeve

Workshop: Experimental AI in Games

Towards Positively Surprising Non-Player Characters in Video Games PDF
Vadim Bulitko, Shelby Carleton, Delia Cormier, Devon Sigurdson, John Simpson
Towards General RPG Playing PDF
Joseph C. Osborn, Ben Samuel, Adam Summerville, Michael Mateas
Designing Stronger AI Personalities PDF
Tanya X. Short
Answer Set Programming in Proofdoku PDF
Adam M. Smith
Leveraging Multi-Layer Level Representations for Puzzle-Platformer Level Generation PDF
Sam Snodgrass, Santiago Ontañón

Workshop: Intelligent Narrative Technologies

Bardic: Generating Multimedia Narratives for Game Logs PDF
Camille Barot, Michael Branon, Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera, Markus Eger, Michelle Glatz, Nancy Green, James Mattice, Colin M. Potts, Justus Robertson, Makiko Shukonobe, Laura Tateosian, Brandon R. Thorne, R. Michael Young