Presentations and Authors

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Research Papers

STARDATA: A StarCraft AI Research Dataset PDF
Zeming Lin, Jonas Gehring, Vasil Khalidov, Gabriel Synnaeve

Poster Papers

Reputation Systems for Non-Player Character Interactions Based on Player Actions PDF
Joseph Alexander Brown, Jooyoung Lee, Niktia Kraev
LISA: Lexically Intelligent Story Assistant PDF
Rushit Sanghrajka, Daniel Hidalgo, Patrick P. Chen, Mubbasir Kapadia


Feasibility Study: Moving Non-Homogeneous Teams in Congested Video Game Environments PDF
Hang Ma, Jingxing Yang, Liron Cohen, T. K. Satish Kumar, Sven Koenig

Workshop: Experimental AI in Games

"Press Space to Fire": Automatic Video Game Tutorial Generation PDF
Michael Cerny Green, Ahmed Khalifa, Gabriella A. B. Barros, Julian Togellius
Marahel: A Language for Constructive Level Generation PDF
Ahmed Khalifa, Julian Togelius

Workshop: Intelligent Narrative Technologies

Dynamic and Accelerated Partial Order Planning for Interactive Narratives PDF
Xun Zhang, Bhuvana C. Inampudi, Norman I. Badler, Mubbasir Kapadia