Presentations and Authors

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Research Papers

A Recommender System for Hero Line-Ups in MOBA Games PDF
Lucas Hanke, Luiz Chaimowicz

Poster Papers

Dante Agent Architecture for Force-On-Force Wargame Simulation and Training PDF
Brian Hart, Derek Hart, Russell Gayle, Fred Oppel, Patrick Xavier, Jonathan Whetzel
LISA: Lexically Intelligent Story Assistant PDF
Rushit Sanghrajka, Daniel Hidalgo, Patrick P. Chen, Mubbasir Kapadia
A/B-Test of Retention and Monetization Using the Cox Model PDF
Markus Viljanen, Antti Airola, Jukka Heikkonen, Tapio Pahikkala

Doctoral Consortium Abstracts

A Skill-Based Framework for the Generation and Presentation of Educational Videogame Content PDF
Britton Horn

Playable Experiences

Playable Experiences at AIIDE 2017 PDF
Mike Treanor, Nicholas Warren, Mason Reed, Adam M. Smith, Pablo Ortiz, Laurel Coney, Loren Sherman, Elizabeth Carré, Nadya Vivatvisha, D. Fox Harrell, Paola Mardo, Andrew Gordon, Joris Dormans, Barrie Robison, Spencer Gomez, Samantha Heck, Landon Wright, Terence Soule

Workshop: Intelligent Narrative Technologies

Toward Automated Story Generation with Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods and Deep Neural Networks PDF
Brent Harrison, Christopher Purdy, Mark O. Riedl