Presentations and Authors

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Research Papers

Scheduling Live Interactive Narratives with Mixed-Integer Linear Programming PDF
Sasha Azad, Jingyang Xu, Haining Yu, Boyang Li
A Social Robot as a Card Game Player PDF
Filipa Correia, PatrĂ­cia Alves-Oliveira, Tiago Ribeiro, Francisco S. Melo, Ana Paiva

Poster Papers

Robustness of Real-Time Heuristic Search Algorithms to Read/Write Error in Externally Stored Heuristics PDF
Mina Abdi Oskouie, Vadim Bulitko
A/B-Test of Retention and Monetization Using the Cox Model PDF
Markus Viljanen, Antti Airola, Jukka Heikkonen, Tapio Pahikkala

Workshop: Experimental AI in Games

Secret Identities in Dwarf Fortress PDF
Tarn Adams

Workshop: Intelligent Narrative Technologies

Planning Graphs for Efficient Generation of Desirable Narrative Trajectories PDF
Adam Amos-Binks, Colin Potts, R. Michael Young
The Shape of Story: A Semiotic Artistic Visualization of a Communal Storytelling Experience PDF
Duri Long, Sanjana Gupta, Jessica Brooke Anderson, Brian Magerko
Directing Intentional Superposition Manipulation PDF
Justus Robertson, Adam Amos-Binks, R. Michael Young
A Specialized Corpus for Film Understanding PDF
David R. Winer, Joseph P. Magliano, James A. Clinton, Aidan Osterby, Thomas Ackerman, R. Michael Young