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Invited Presentations

Invited Presentations at the Twelfth International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning PDF
Chitta Baral, Ian Horrocks, Yoav Shoham
Reasoning about Actions and Change: From Single Agent Actions to Multi-Agent Actions (Extended Abstract) PDF
Chitta Baral
Tutorial Presentations at the Twelfth International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning PDF
Leonardo de Moura, Carsten Lutz, Monica Mc Schraefel, Bernhard Nebel

Abduction and Diagnosis

Complexity of Propositional Abduction for Restricted Sets of Boolean Functions PDF
Nadia Creignou, Johannes Schmidt, Michael Thomas
New Advances in Sequential Diagnosis PDF
Sajjad Ahmed Siddiqi, Jinbo Huang
Diagnosis as Planning Revisited PDF
Shirin Sohrabi, Jorge A. Baier, Sheila A. McIlraith

Agents, Multiagent Systems, and Distributed Reasoning

Interactions between Time and Knowledge in a First-order Logic for Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Francesco Belardinelli, Alessio Lomuscio
Multi-Agent Only-Knowing Revisited PDF
Vaishak Belle, Gerhard Lakemeyer
Distributed Nonmonotonic Multi-Context Systems PDF
Minh Dao-Tran, Thomas Eiter, Michael Fink, Thomas Krennwallner
Modelling Combinatorial Auctions in Linear Logic PDF
Daniele Porello, Ulle Endriss
Integrating Action Calculi and AgentSpeak: Closing the Gap PDF
Michael Thielscher
One Hundred Prisoners and a Lightbulb — Logic and Computation PDF
Hans van Ditmarsch, Jan van Eijck, William Wu


Abstract Dialectical Frameworks PDF
Gerhard Brewka, Stefan Woltran
Towards Fixed-Parameter Tractable Algorithms for Argumentation PDF
Wolfgang Dvorak, Reinhard Pichler, Stefan Woltran
Characterizing Strong Equivalence for Argumentation Frameworks PDF
Emilia Oikarinen, Stefan Woltran

Belief Change, Counterfactuals, and Update

Characterizing Updates in Dynamic Epistemic Logic PDF
Guillaume Aucher
Horn Clause Contraction Functions: Belief Set and Belief Base Approaches PDF
James Delgrande, Renata Wassermann
From Causal Models To Counterfactual Structures PDF
Joseph Y. Halpern
Taxonomy of Improvement Operators and the Problem of Minimal Change PDF
Sébastien Konieczny, Mattia Medina Grespan, Ramon Pino Pérez

Decision Theory

A Characterization of Optimality Criteria for Decision Making under Complete Ignorance PDF
Ramzi Ben Larbi, Sébastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis
I Don't Want to Think About it Now: Decision Theory with Costly Computation PDF
Joseph Y. Halpern

Description Logics and Ontologies

Query and Predicate Emptiness in Description Logics PDF
Franz Baader, Meghyn Bienvenu, Carsten Lutz, Frank Wolter
Decidability of a Description Logic over Infinite-Valued Product Logic PDF
Marco Cerami, Francesc Esteva, Felix Bou
Pushing the Limits of Reasoning over Ontologies with Hidden Content PDF
Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Boris Motik
Status QIO: Conjunctive Query Entailment Is Decidable PDF
Birte Glimm, Sebastian Rudolph
Decomposing Description Logic Ontologies PDF
Boris Konev, Carsten Lutz, Denis Ponomaryov, Frank Wolter
The Combined Approach to Query Answering in DL-Lite PDF
Roman Kontchakov, Carsten Lutz, David Toman, Frank Wolter, Michael Zakharyaschev
Understanding Ontological Levels PDF
Claudio Masolo
Worst-Case Optimal Reasoning for the Horn-DL Fragments of OWL 1 and 2 PDF
Magdalena Ortiz, Sebastian Rudolph, Mantas Simkus
On the Complexity of Axiom Pinpointing in the EL Family of Description Logics PDF
Rafael Peñaloza, Barış Sertkaya
Improving Query Answering over DL-Lite Ontologies PDF
Riccardo Rosati, Alessandro Almatelli

Inconsistency Handling

On the Application of the Disjunctive Syllogism in Paraconsistent Logics Based on Four States of Information PDF
Ofer Arieli
Maximally Paraconsistent Three-Valued Logics PDF
Ofer Arieli, Arnon Avron, Anna Zamansky
A Class of df-Consistencies for Qualitative Constraint Networks PDF
Jean-François Condotta, Christophe Lecoutre
Finding Explanations of Inconsistency in Multi-Context Systems PDF
Thomas Eiter, Michael Fink, Peter Schüller, Antonius Weinzierl
Computing Inconsistency Measurements under Multi-Valued Semantics by Partial Max-SAT Solvers PDF
Guohui Xiao, Zuoquan Lin, Yue Ma, Guilin Qi


Generalized Planning with Loops under Strong Fairness Constraints PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Fabio Patrizi, Sebastian Sardina
A Correctness Result for Reasoning about One-Dimensional Planning Problems PDF
Yuxiao Hu, Hector J. Levesque

Possibility Theory and Uncertainty

On the Classical Content of Monadic G with Involutive Negation and its Application to a Fuzzy Medical Expert System PDF
Agata Ciabattoni, Pavel Rusnok
Novel Semantical Approaches to Relational Probabilistic Conditionals PDF
Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Matthias Thimm
Probabilistic Description Logics for Subjective Uncertainty PDF
Carsten Lutz, Lutz Schröder
Preferential Semantics for Plausible Subsumption in Possibility Theory PDF
Guilin Qi, Zhizheng Zhang


From Preference Logics to Preference Languages, and Back PDF
Meghyn Bienvenu, Jérôme Lang, Nic Wilson
Finding the Next Solution in Constraint- and Preference-Based Knowledge Representation Formalisms PDF
Ronen Brafman, Francesca Rossi, Domenico Salvagnin, K. Brent Venable, Toby Walsh

Reasoning about Action and Action Programs

State Defaults and Ramifications in the Unifying Action Calculus PDF
Ringo Baumann, Gerhard Brewka, Hannes Strass, Michael Thielscher, Vadim Zaslawski
Situation Calculus Based Programs for Representing and Reasoning about Game Structures PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Yves Lesperance, Adrian R. Pearce
Reasoning about Deterministic Actions with Probabilistic Prior and Application to Stochastic Filtering PDF
Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Eyal Amir

Rule-Based Reasoning, Logic Programming, and Answer Set Programming

Walking the Decidability Line for Rules with Existential Variables PDF
Jean-François Baget, Michel LeClere, Marie-Laure Mugnier
A Decidable Class of Groundable Formulas in the General Theory of Stable Models PDF
Michael Bartholomew, Joohyung Lee
Paracoherent Answer Set Programming PDF
Thomas Eiter, Michael Fink, Joao Moura
Repair and Prediction (under Inconsistency) in Large Biological Networks with Answer Set Programming PDF
Martin Gebser, Carito Guziolowski, Mihail Ivanchev, Torsten Schaub, Anne Siegel, Sven Thiele, Philippe Veber
Tractable Answer-Set Programming with Weight Constraints: Bounded Treewidth Is not Enough PDF
Reinhard Pichler, Stefan Rümmele, Stefan Szeider, Stefan Woltran
On the Progression Semantics and Boundedness of Answer Set Programs PDF
Yan Zhang, Yi Zhou

Security, Spatial Reasoning, and Analogical Reasoning

Independence and Functional Dependence Relations on Secrets PDF
Robert Kelvey, Sara Miner More, Pavel Naumov, Benjamin Sapp
Interpreting Topological Logics over Euclidean Spaces PDF
Roman Kontchakov, Ian Pratt-Hartmann, Michael Zakharyaschev
Reasoning with Logical Proportions PDF
Henri Prade, Gilles Richard

Short Papers

Reasoning about Context in Ambient Intelligence Environments: A Report from the Field PDF
Grigoris Antoniou, Constantinos Papatheodorou, Antonis Bikakis
Formalizing Psychological Knowledge in Answer Set Programming PDF
Marcello Balduccini, Sara Girotto
A Logical Understanding of Legal Interpretation PDF
Guido Boella, Guido Governatori, Antonino Rotolo, Leendert van der Torre
Ontologies for Dates and Duration PDF
Michael Gruninger
From Justifications Towards Proofs for Ontology Engineering PDF
Matthew Horridge, Bijan Parsia
Joint Revision of Beliefs and Intention PDF
Thomas Icard, Eric Pacuit, Yoav Shoham
The Temporal Logic of Token Causes PDF
Samantha Kleinberg, Bud Mishra
An Efficient Majority-Rule-Based Approach for Collective Decision Making with CP-Nets PDF
Minyi Li, Bao Quoc Vo, Ryszard Kowalczyk
A Layered Graph Representation for Complex Regions PDF
Sanjiang Li
The Modular Structure of an Ontology: An Empirical Study PDF
Bijan Parsia, Thomas Schneider
Towards a Logic of Feature-Based Semantic Science Theories PDF
David Poole
Efficient Dominance Testing for Unconditional Preferences PDF
Ganesh Ram Santhanam, Samik Basu, Vasant Honavar
Set-Oriented Logical Connectives: Syntax and Semantics PDF
Stuart C. Shapiro
Towards Runtime Support for Norm-Governed Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Visara Urovi, Stefano Bromuri, Kostas Stathis, Alexander Artikis
Revising General Knowledge Bases in Description Logics PDF
Zhe Wang, Kewen Wang, Rodney Topor
Forgetting Revisited PDF
Yan Zhang, Yi Zhou