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Answer Set Programming and Logic Programming

Preference Relations by Approximation PDF
Mario Alviano, Javier Romero, Torsten Schaub
Introducing Temporal Stable Models for Linear Dynamic Logic PDF
Anne-Gwenn Bosser, Pedro Cabalar, Martín Diéguez, Torsten Schaub
Weight Learning in a Probabilistic Extension of Answer Set Programs PDF
Joohyung Lee, Yi Wang
A Hybrid Approach to Optimization in Answer Set Programming PDF
Paul Saikko, Carmine Dodaro, Mario Alviano, Matti Järvisalo
Omission-Based Abstraction for Answer Set Programs PDF
Zeynep G. Saribatur, Thomas Eiter
A Generator of Hard 2QBF Formulas and ASP Programs PDF
Giovanni Amendola, Francesco Ricca, Mirek Truszczynski
Computing Logic Programs with Ordered Disjunction Using asprin PDF
Joohyung Lee, Zhun Yang
A Model-Based Approach to Visual Reasoning on CNLVR Dataset PDF
Shailaja Sampat, Joohyung Lee
SMT-Based Constraint Answer Set Solver EZSMT+ for Non-Tight Programs PDF
Da Shen, Yuliya Lierler
SOGrounder: Modelling and Solving Second-Order Logic PDF
Matthias van der Hallen, Gerda Janssens


An Incremental Approach to Structured Argumentation over Dynamic Knowledge Bases PDF
Gianvincenzo Alfano, Sergio Greco, Francesco Parisi, Gerardo Ignacio Simari, Guillermo Ricardo Simari
Gradual Semantics Accounting for Similarity between Arguments PDF
Leila Amgoud, Elise Bonzon, Jérôme Delobelle, Dragan Doder, Sébastien Konieczny, Nicolas Maudet
Measuring Similarity between Logical Arguments PDF
Leila Amgoud, Victor David
If Nothing Is Accepted — Repairing Argumentation Frameworks PDF
Ringo Baumann, Markus Ulbricht
Combining Extension-Based Semantics and Ranking-Based Semantics for Abstract Argumentation PDF
Elise Bonzon, Jérôme Delobelle, Sébastien Konieczny, Nicolas Maudet
Constructive Logic Covers Argumentation and Logic Programming PDF
Jorge Fandinno, Luis Fariñas del Cerro
Updating Belief in Arguments in Epistemic Graphs PDF
Anthony Hunter, Sylwia Polberg, Nico Potyka
Continuous Dynamical Systems for Weighted Bipolar Argumentation PDF
Nico Potyka
Probabilistic Strength of Arguments with Structure PDF
Henry Prakken
Probabilistic Abstract Argumentation Based on SCC Decomposability PDF
Tjitze Rienstra, Matthias Thimm, Beishui Liao, Leendert van der Torre
Extension Enforcement under Grounded Semantics in Abstract Argumentation PDF
Andreas Niskanen, Johannes P. Wallner, Matti Järvisalo

Automated Reasoning and Computation

Reachability Analysis for Neural Agent-Environment Systems PDF
Michael Akintunde, Alessio Lomuscio, Lalit Maganti, Edoardo Pirovano
Hunting for Tractable Languages for Judgment Aggregation PDF
Ronald de Haan
iCon: A Diagrammatic Theorem Prover for Ontologies PDF
Zohreh Shams, Mateja Jamnik, Gem Stapleton, Yuri Sato

Belief Revision and Nonmonotonicity

On Strengthening the Logic of Iterated Belief Revision: Proper Ordinal Interval Operators PDF
Richard Booth, Jake Chandler
A Semantic Perspective on Belief Change in a Preferential Non-Monotonic Framework PDF
Giovanni Casini, Eduardo Fermé, Thomas Meyer, Ivan Varzinczak
Incorporating Relevance in Epistemic States in Belief Revision PDF
James Delgrande, Pavlos Peppas
Studies in Credibility-Limited Base Revision PDF
Marco Garapa, Eduardo Fermé, Maurício D. L. Reis
Axiomatizing a Qualitative Principle of Conditional Preservation for Iterated Belief Change PDF
Gabriele Kern-Isberner
Specifying Plausibility Levels for Iterated Belief Change in the Situation Calculus PDF
Toryn Q. Klassen, Sheila A. McIlraith, Hector J. Levesque
Default Reasoning via Topology and Mathematical Analysis: A Preliminary Report PDF
Costas D. Koutras, Konstantinos Liaskos, Christos Moyzes, Christos Rantsoudis
Parametrised Difference Revision PDF
Pavlos Peppas, Mary-Anne Williams
Towards Belief Contraction without Compactness PDF
Jandson S. Ribeiro, Abhaya Nayak, Renata Wassermann
On Belief Promotion PDF
Nicolas Schwind, Sébastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis

Decision Theory, Rationality

Preference Aggregation with Incomplete CP-Nets PDF
Adrian Haret, Arianna Novaro, Umberto Grandi

Description Logics

Making Repairs in Description Logics More Gentle PDF
Franz Baader, Francesco Kriegel, Adrian Nuradiansyah, Rafael Peñaloza
Reasoning with Justifiable Exceptions in Contextual Hierarchies PDF
Loris Bozzato, Luciano Serafini, Thomas Eiter
The Combined Approach to Query Answering in Horn-ALCHOIQ PDF
David Carral, Irina Dragoste, Markus Krötzsch
Knowledge-Based Transfer Learning Explanation PDF
Jiaoyan Chen, Freddy Lecue, Jeff Z. Pan, Ian Horrocks, Huajun Chen
A Parameterized Complexity View on Description Logic Reasoning PDF
Ronald de Haan
Finite Query Answering in Expressive Description Logics with Transitive Roles PDF
Tomasz Gogacz, Yazmin Angelica Ibanez-Garcia, Filip Murlak
From Knowledge Graph Embedding to Ontology Embedding? An Analysis of the Compatibility between Vector Space Representations and Rules PDF
Vıctor Gutierrez-Basulto, Steven Schockaert
Query Expressibility and Verification in Ontology-Based Data Access PDF
Carsten Lutz, Johannes Marti, Leif Sabellek
Query Answering for Rough EL Ontologies PDF
Rafael Peñaloza, Veronika Thost, Anni-Yasmin Turhan
ExactLearner: A Tool for Exact Learning of EL Ontologies PDF
Ricardo Duarte, Boris Konev, Ana Ozaki

Planning, Strategies, and Diagnosis

Heuristic Search Planning With Multi-Objective Probabilistic LTL Constraints PDF
Peter Baumgartner, Sylvie Thiebaux, Felipe Trevizan
Bisimulations for Logics of Strategies: A Study in Expressiveness and Verification PDF
Francesco Belardinelli, Catalin Dima, Aniello Murano
Approximating Perfect Recall When Model Checking Strategic Abilities PDF
Francesco Belardinelli, Alessio Lomuscio, Vadim Malvone
Better Eager Than Lazy? How Agent Types Impact the Successfulness of Implicit Coordination PDF
Thomas Bolander, Thorsten Engesser, Robert Mattmüller, Bernhard Nebel
Finite LTL Synthesis with Environment Assumptions and Quality Measures PDF
Alberto Camacho, Meghyn Bienvenu, Sheila A. McIlraith
Abductive Diagnosis of Complex Active Systems with Compiled Knowledge PDF
Gianfranco Lamperti, Marina Zanella, Xiangfu Zhao
Compiling Away Soft Trajectory Constraints in Planning PDF
Benedict Wright, Robert Mattmüller, Bernhard Nebel

Reasoning about Actions, Causality

On the Progression of Situation Calculus Universal Theories with Constants PDF
Marcelo Arenas, Jorge A. Baier, Juan S. Navarro, Sebastian Sardina
On Laws and Counterfactuals in Causal Reasoning PDF
Alexander Bochman
Combining the Causal Judgments of Experts with Possibly Different Focus Areas PDF
Meir Friedenberg, Joseph Y. Halpern
Complexity of Projection with Stochastic Actions in a Probabilistic Description Logic PDF
Benjamin Zarrieß
Symbolic Verification of Golog Programs with First-Order BDDs PDF
Jens Classen

Reasoning about Knowledge and Belief

Reasoning about Knowledge and Strategies under Hierarchical Information PDF
Bastien Maubert, Aniello Murano

Temporal and Spatial Reasoning

A Novel Automata-Theoretic Approach to Timeline-Based Planning PDF
Dario Della Monica, Nicola Gigante, Angelo Montanari, Pietro Sala
Qualitative Representation and Reasoning over Direction Relations across Different Frames of Reference PDF
Hua Hua, Jochen Renz, Xiaoyu Ge
Cutting Diamonds: A Temporal Logic with Probabilistic Distributions PDF
Alisa Kovtunova, Rafael Peñaloza
The Window Validity Problem in Rule-Based Stream Reasoning PDF
Alessandro Ronca, Mark Kaminski, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks


Approximating Certainty in Querying Data and Metadata PDF
Cristina Civili, Leonid Libkin
Propositional and Predicate Logics of Incomplete Information PDF
Marco Console, Paolo Guagliardo, Leonid Libkin
Quantified Markov Logic Networks PDF
Victor Gutierrez-Basulto, Jean Christoph Jung, Ondrej Kuzelka

Extended Abstracts

Gradual Semantics for Weighted Graphs: An Unifying Approach PDF
Leila Amgoud, Dragan Doder
Synthesis under Assumptions PDF
Benjamin Aminof, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Aniello Murano, Sasha Rubin
Relaxing and Restraining Queries for OBDA — Extended Abstract PDF
Medina Andresel, Yazmin Angelica Ibanez-Garcia, Magdalena Ortiz, Mantas Simkus
Loop Restricted Existential Rules and First-Order Rewritability for Query Answering PDF
Vernon Asuncion, Yan Zhang, Heng Zhang, Yun Bai, Weisheng Si
Changing Observations in Epistemic Temporal Logic PDF
Aurèle Barrière, Bastien Maubert, Aniello Murano, Sasha Rubin
Some Thoughts On Well-Foundedness in Weighted Abstract Argumentation PDF
Stefano Bistarelli, Francesco Santini
Towards Lazy Grounding with Lazy Normalization in Answer-Set Programming — Extended Abstract PDF
Jori Bomanson, Tomi Janhunen, Antonius Weinzierl
Decidability and Complexity of Timeline-Based Planning over Dense Temporal Domains PDF
Laura Bozzelli, Alberto Molinari, Angelo Montanari, Adriano Peron
A General Approach to Reasoning with Probabilities — Extended Abstract PDF
Federico Cerutti, Matthias Thimm
Argumentation for Reasoning with Conflicting Clinical Guidelines and Preferences PDF
Kristijonas Cyras, Tiago Oliveira
Partial-State Progression for Stream Reasoning with Metric Temporal Logic PDF
Daniel de Leng, Fredrik Heintz
Navigability with Bounded Recall PDF
Kaya Deuser, Pavel Naumov
Knowledge Compilation in the Multi-Agent Epistemic Logic Kn PDF
Liangda Fang, Kewen Wang, Zhe Wang, Ximing Wen
Exploiting Treewidth for Counting Projected Answer Sets PDF
Johannes K. Fichte, Markus Hecher
Towards Explainable Inference about Object Motion using Qualitative Reasoning PDF
Xiaoyu Ge, Jochen Renz, Hua Hua
Variable Elimination for DLP-Functions PDF
Ricardo Gonçalves, Tomi Janhunen, Matthias Knorr, João Leite, Stefan Woltran
Two AGM-Style Characterizations of Model Repair PDF
Paulo T. Guerra, Renata Wassermann
Bayesian Model Selection in Statistical Construction of Justification PDF
Hiroyuki Kido
New Inference Relations from Maximal Consistent Subsets PDF
Sébastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis, Srdjan Vesic
A SAT-Based Approach For PSPACE Modal Logics PDF
Jean-Marie Lagniez, Daniel Le Berre, Tiago de Lima, Valentin Montmirail
A Comprehensive Framework for Controlled Query Evaluation, Consistent Query Answering and KB Updates in Description Logics PDF
Domenico Lembo, Riccardo Rosati, Domenico Fabio Savo
On Limited Conjunctions in Polynomial Feature Logics, with Applications in OBDA PDF
Stephanie McIntyre, Alexander Borgida, David Toman, Grant Weddell
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Answering Science Questions: A Case Study for Food Web Questions PDF
Arindam Mitra, Chitta Baral, Peter Clark
Strategic Coalitions in Systems with Catastrophic Failures PDF
Pavel Naumov, Kevin Ros
Structure Learning for Relational Logistic Regression:An Ensemble Approach PDF
Nandini Ramanan, Gautam Kunapuli, Tushar Khot, Bahare Fatemi, Seyed Mehran Kazemi, David Poole, Kristian Kersting, Sriraam Natarajan
Probabilistic Coalition Structure Generation PDF
Nicolas Schwind, Tenda Okimoto, Katsumi Inoue, Katsutoshi Hirayama, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Pierre Marquis
Metric Temporal Extensions of DL-Lite and Interval-Rigid Names PDF
Veronika Thost
Propositional Belief Merging with OWA Operators PDF
Henrique Viana, João Alcântara