AAAI Publications, Sixteenth International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

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Parametrised Difference Revision
Pavlos Peppas, Mary-Anne Williams

Last modified: 2018-09-24


Despite the great theoretical advancements in the area of Belief Revision, there has been limited success in terms of implementations. One of the hurdles in implementing revision operators is that their specification (let alone their computation), requires substantial resources. On the other hand, implementing a specific revision operator, like Dalal's operator, would be of limited use. In a recent paper we generalised Dalal's construction defining a whole family of concrete revision operators, called Parametrised Difference revision operators or PD operators for short. This family is wide enough to cover a whole range of different applications, and at the same time it is easy to represent. In this paper we characterise axiomatically the family of PD operators, study its computational complexity, and discuss its benefits for belief revision implementations.


Belief Revision; Knowledge Representation

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