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Full Papers

On the Small-Scope Hypothesis for Testing Answer-Set Programs PDF
Johannes Oetsch, Michael Prischink, Jörg Pührer, Martin Schwengerer, Hans Tompits
Fixed-Parameter Algorithms for Finding Minimal Models PDF
Martin Lackner, Andreas Pfandler
Credibility-Limited Revision Operators in Propositional Logic PDF
Richard Booth, Eduardo Fermé, Sébastien Konieczny, Ramon Pino Pérez
Belief Revision within Fragments of Propositional Logic PDF
Nadia Creignou, Odile Papini, Reinhard Pichler, Stefan Woltran
Model Based Horn Contraction PDF
Zhiqiang Zhuang, Maurice Pagnucco
Undecidability of Fuzzy Description Logics PDF
Stefan Borgwardt, Rafael Peñaloza
An Abstraction Technique for the Verification of Artifact-Centric Systems PDF
Francesco Belardinelli, Alessio Lomuscio, Fabio Patrizi
Homogeneous Logical Proportions: Their Uniqueness and Their Role in Similarity-Based Prediction PDF
Henri Prade, Gilles Richard
Bounded Situation Calculus Action Theories and Decidable Verification PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Yves Lespérance, Fabio Patrizi
Stable Models in Generalized Possibilistic Logic PDF
Didier Dubois, Henri Prade, Steven Schockaert

Short Papers

Justification Masking in Ontologies PDF
Matthew Horridge, Bijan Parsia, Ulrike Sattler