AAAI Publications, Seventh Intelligent Narrative Technologies Workshop

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Toward Automatic Character Identification in Unannotated Narrative Text
Josep Valls-Vargas, Santiago Ontañón, Jichen Zhu

Last modified: 2014-10-23


We present a case-based approach to character identification in natural language text in the context of our Voz system. Voz first extracts entities from the text, and for each one of them, computes a feature-vector using both linguistic information and external knowledge. We propose a new similarity measure called Continuous Jaccard that exploits those feature-vectors to compute the similarity between a given entity and those in the case-base, and thus determine which entities are characters or not. We evaluate our approach by comparing it with different similarity measures and feature sets. Results show an identification accuracy of up to 93.49%, significantly higher than recent related work.


Computational Narrative; NLP; Natural Language Processing; Propp; CBR; Case-Based Reasoning

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