AAAI Publications, Seventh Intelligent Narrative Technologies Workshop

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Generative Story Worlds as Linear Logic Programs
Chris Martens, João F. Ferreira, Anne-Gwenn Bosser, Marc Cavazza

Last modified: 2014-10-23


Linear logic programming languages have been identified in prior work as viable for specifying stories and analyzing their causal structure. We investigate the use of such a language for specifying story worlds, or settings where generalized narrative actions have uniform effects (not specific to a particular set of characters or setting elements), which may create emergent behavior through feedback loops. We show a sizable example of a story world specified in the language Celf and discuss its interpretation as a story-generating program, a simulation, and an interactive narrative. Further, we show that the causal analysis tools available by virtue of using a proof-theoretic language for specification can assist the author in reasoning about the structure and consequences of emergent stories.


linear logic; narrative generation

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