AAAI Publications, Seventh Intelligent Narrative Technologies Workshop

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The Chimeria Platform: An Intelligent Narrative System for Modeling Social Identity-Related Experiences
D. Fox Harrell, Dominic Kao, Chong-U Lim, Jason Lipshin, Ainsley Sutherland, Julia Makivic

Last modified: 2014-10-23


We demonstrate the Chimeria Platform that computationally models aspects of social identity dynamics for use in digital media such as in videogames and social networks. The Engine models users’ degrees of membership across multiple categories as gradient values, enabling more representational nuance than binary statuses of member/nonmember. The Application Interface handles user interaction and visuals for experiencing the narratives. Domain Epistemologies specify domain-specific ontologies that describe cultural knowledge and beliefs for each narrative. Our Visual Narrative Editor GUI is being developed to make authoring more accessible to a wider audience.


Conversational narratives; Social simulation; Role-playing games; Game design

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