Presentations and Authors

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Main Track — Agent and Multiagent Systems

Composing and Verifying Commitment-Based Multiagent Protocols PDF
Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Amit K. Chopra, Munindar P. Singh
Generalizing the Single-Crossing Property on Lines and Trees to Intermediate Preferences on Median Graphs PDF
Adam Clearwater, Clemens Puppe, Arkadii Slinko
Structural Results for Cooperative Decentralized Control Models PDF
Jilles Steeve Dibangoye, Olivier Buffet, Olivier Simonin
Tractable Inquiry in Information-Rich Environments PDF
Barbara Dunin-Kęplicz, Alina Strachocka
The Power of Local Manipulation Strategies in Assignment Mechanisms PDF
Timo Mennle, Michael Weiss, Basil Philipp, Sven Seuken
Revenue Maximization Envy-Free Pricing for Homogeneous Resources PDF
Gianpiero Monaco, Piotr Sankowski, Qiang Zhang
Exchange of Indivisible Objects with Asymmetry PDF
Zhaohong Sun, Hideaki Hata, Taiki Todo, Makoto Yokoo
Uncovering Hidden Structure through Parallel Problem Decomposition for the Set Basis Problem: Application to Materials Discovery PDF
Yexiang Xue, Stefano Ermon, Carla P. Gomes, Bart Selman

Main Track — Constraint Optimization

Improving the Effectiveness of SAT-Based Preprocessing for MaxSAT PDF
Jeremias Berg, Paul Saikko, Matti Järvisalo

Main Track — Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search

Expressive Logical Combinators for Free PDF
Pierre Geneves, Alan Schmitt
Personalized Mathematical Word Problem Generation PDF
Oleksandr Polozov, Eleanor O'Rourke, Adam M. Smith, Luke Zettlemoyer, Sumit Gulwani, Zoran Popović
Packing Curved Objects PDF
Ignacio Antonio Salas Donoso, Gilles Chabert

Main Track — Game Theory

Simultaneous Abstraction and Equilibrium Finding in Games PDF
Noam Brown, Tuomas Sandholm
Incentivizing Peer Grading in MOOCS: An Audit Game Approach PDF
Alejandro Uriel Carbonara, Anupam Datta, Arunesh Sinha, Yair Zick
Gibbard–Satterthwaite Games PDF
Edith Elkind, Umberto Grandi, Francesca Rossi, Arkadii Slinko
Structural Tractability of Shapley and Banzhaf Values in Allocation Games PDF
Gianluigi Greco, Francesco Lupia, Francesco Scarcello
Smooth UCT Search in Computer Poker PDF
Johannes Heinrich, David Silver
Limited Lookahead in Imperfect-Information Games PDF
Christian Kroer, Tuomas Sandholm
When Does Schwartz Conjecture Hold? PDF
Matthias Mnich, Yash Raj Shrestha, Yongjie Yang
A Pseudo-Polynomial Algorithm for Computing Power Indices in Graph-Restricted Weighted Voting Games PDF
Oskar Skibski, Tomasz P. Michalak, Yuko Sakurai, Makoto Yokoo
The Game-Theoretic Interaction Index on Social Networks with Applications to Link Prediction and Community Detection PDF
Piotr Lech Szczepański, Aleksy Stanisław Barcz, Tomasz Paweł Michalak, Talal Rahwan
Security Games with Information Leakage: Modeling and Computation PDF
Haifeng Xu, Albert Xing Jiang, Arunesh Sinha, Zinovi Rabinovich, Shaddin Dughmi, Milind Tambe

Main Track — Graphical Models

A Unified Model for Unsupervised Opinion Spamming Detection Incorporating Text Generality PDF
Yinqing Xu, Bei Shi, Wentao Tian, Wai Lam

Main Track — Heuristic Search

Model-Based Genetic Algorithms for Algorithm Configuration PDF
Carlos Ansotegui, Yuri Malitsky, Horst Samulowitz, Meinolf Sellmann, Kevin Tierney
ICBS: Improved Conflict-Based Search Algorithm for Multi-Agent Pathfinding PDF
Eli Boyarski, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern, Guni Sharon, David Tolpin, Oded Betzalel, Eyal Shimony
A Fast Goal Recognition Technique Based on Interaction Estimates PDF
Yolanda E-Martin, Maria D. R-Moreno, David E. Smith
Mining Expert Play to Guide Monte Carlo Search in the Opening Moves of Go PDF
Erik S. Steinmetz, Maria Gini
H-Index Manipulation by Merging Articles: Models, Theory, and Experiments PDF
René van Bevern, Christian Komusiewicz, Rolf Niedermeier, Manuel Sorge, Toby Walsh

Main Track — Knowledge Acquisition

AskWorld: Budget-Sensitive Query Evaluation for Knowledge-on-Demand PDF
Mehdi Samadi, Partha Talukdar, Manuela Veloso, Tom Mitchell
Building Hierarchies of Concepts via Crowdsourcing PDF
Yuyin Sun, Adish Singla, Dieter Fox, Andreas Krause

Main Track — Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and Logic

A Simple Probabilistic Extension of Modal Mu-calculus PDF
Wanwei Liu, Lei Song, Ji Wang, Lijun Zhang
Automatic Generation of Raven’s Progressive Matrices PDF
Ke Wang, Zhendong Su

Main Track — Machine Learning

Joint Learning of Constituency and Dependency Grammars by Decomposed Cross-Lingual Induction PDF
Wenbin Jiang, Qun Liu, Thepchai Supnithi
Analysis of Sampling Algorithms for Twitter PDF
Deepan Subrahmanian Palguna, Vikas Joshi, Venkatesan Chakaravarthy, Ravi Kothari, LV Subramaniam
Portfolio Choices with Orthogonal Bandit Learning PDF
Weiwei Shen, Jun Wang, Yu-Gang Jiang, Hongyuan Zha
Information Gathering in Networks via Active Exploration PDF
Adish Singla, Eric Horvitz, Pushmeet Kohli, Ryen White, Andreas Krause
Regression Model Fitting under Differential Privacy and Model Inversion Attack PDF
Yue Wang, Cheng Si, Xintao Wu
Correcting Covariate Shift with the Frank-Wolfe Algorithm PDF
Junfeng Wen, Russell Greiner, Dale Schuurmans
Cognitive Modelling for Predicting Examinee Performance PDF
Runze Wu, Qi Liu, Yuping Liu, Enhong Chen, Yu Su, Zhigang Chen, Guoping Hu
Opportunities or Risks to Reduce Labor in Crowdsourcing Translation? Characterizing Cost versus Quality via a PageRank-HITS Hybrid Model PDF
Rui Yan, Yiping Song, Cheng-Te Li, Ming Zhang, Xiaohua Hu
Discriminative Reordering Model Adaptation via Structural Learning PDF
Biao Zhang, Jinsong Su, Deyi Xiong, Hong Duan, Junfeng Yao
Revisiting Gaussian Process Dynamical Models PDF
Jing Zhao, Shiliang Sun

Main Track — Model Verification / Model Checking

The Complexity of Model Checking Succinct Multiagent Systems PDF
Xiaowei Huang, Qingliang Chen, Kaile Su

Main Track — Multidisciplinary Topics and Applications

The Right to Obscure: A Mechanism and Initial Evaluation PDF
Eric Hsin-Chun Huang, Jaron Lanier, Yoav Shoham
Automated Geometry Theorem Proving for Human-Readable Proofs PDF
Ke Wang, Zhendong Su

Main Track — Multiagent Systems

What Do We Elect Committees For? A Voting Committee Model for Multi-Winner Rules PDF
Piotr Krzysztof Skowron

Main Track — Natural Language Processing

Multi-Document Abstractive Summarization Using ILP Based Multi-Sentence Compression PDF
Siddhartha Banerjee, Prasenjit Mitra, Kazunari Sugiyama
Do We Criticise (and Laugh) in the Same Way? Automatic Detection of Multi-Lingual Satirical News in Twitter PDF
Francesco Barbieri, Francesco Ronzano, Horacio Saggion
Joint Learning of Character and Word Embeddings PDF
Xinxiong Chen, Lei Xu, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun, Huanbo Luan
A Hybrid Neural Model for Type Classification of Entity Mentions PDF
Li Dong, Furu Wei, Hong Sun, Ming Zhou, Ke Xu
Iterative Learning of Parallel Lexicons and Phrases from Non-Parallel Corpora PDF
Meiping Dong, Yang Liu, Huanbo Luan, Maosong Sun, Tatsuya Izuha, Dakun Zhang
Incorporating Domain and Sentiment Supervision in Representation Learning for Domain Adaptation PDF
Biao Liu, Minlie Huang, Jiashen Sun, Xuan Zhu
Integrating Importance, Non-Redundancy and Coherence in Graph-Based Extractive Summarization PDF
Daraksha Parveen, Michael Strube
An Active Learning Approach to Coreference Resolution PDF
Mrinmaya Sachan, Eduard Hovy, Eric P. Xing
Towards Addressing the Winograd Schema Challenge — Building and Using a Semantic Parser and a Knowledge Hunting Module PDF
Arpit Sharma, Nguyen H Vo, Somak Aditya, Chitta Baral
On Conceptual Labeling of a Bag of Words PDF
Xiangyan Sun, Yanghua Xiao, Haixun Wang, Wei Wang
Modeling Mention, Context and Entity with Neural Networks for Entity Disambiguation PDF
Yaming Sun, Lei Lin, Duyu Tang, Nan Yang, Zhenzhou Ji, Xiaolong Wang
Modeling Quantum Entanglements in Quantum Language Models PDF
Mengjiao Xie, Yuexian Hou, Peng Zhang, Jingfei Li, Wenjie Li, Dawei Song
Representation Learning for Measuring Entity Relatedness with Rich Information PDF
Yu Zhao, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun

Main Track — Ontologies

Coherence Across Components in Cognitive Systems — One Ontology to Rule Them All PDF
Gregor Behnke, Denis Ponomaryov, Marvin Schiller, Pascal Bercher, Florian Nothdurft, Birte Glimm, Susanne Biundo
Bootstrapping Domain Ontologies from Wikipedia: A Uniform Approach PDF
Daniil Mirylenka, Andrea Passerini, Luciano Serafini
An Ontology Matching Approach Based on Affinity-Preserving Random Walks PDF
Chuncheng Xiang, Baobao Chang, Zhifang Sui

Main Track — Planning

ASAP-UCT: Abstraction of State-Action Pairs in UCT PDF
Ankit Anand, Aditya Grover, Mausam ., Parag Singla
Exploiting Block Deordering for Improving Planners Efficiency PDF
Lukáš Chrpa, Fazlul Hasan Siddiqui
Estimating the Probability of Meeting a Deadline in Hierarchical Plans PDF
Liat Cohen, Solomon Eyal Shimony, Gera Weiss
Exploratory Digraph Navigation Using A* PDF
Fabrice Mayran de Chamisso, Laurent Soulier, Michaël Aupetit
Compiling Away Uncertainty in Strong Temporal Planning with Uncontrollable Durations PDF
Andrea Micheli, Minh Do, David E. Smith
Factored Upper Bounds for Multiagent Planning Problems under Uncertainty with Non-Factored Value Functions PDF
Frans Adriaan Oliehoek, Matthijs T. J. Spaan, Stefan John Witwicki
Deordering and Numeric Macro Actions for Plan Repair PDF
Enrico Scala, Pietro Torasso
Planning for Stochastic Games with Co-Safe Objectives PDF
Lei Song, Yuan Feng, Lijun Zhang
Integrating Partial Order Reduction and Symmetry Elimination for Cost-Optimal Classical Planning PDF
Martin Wehrle, Malte Helmert, Alexander Shleyfman, Michael Katz
MORRF*: Sampling-Based Multi-Objective Motion Planning PDF
Daqing Yi, Michael A. Goodrich, Kevin D Seppi

Main Track — Recommender Systems

A Synthetic Approach for Recommendation: Combining Ratings, Social Relations, and Reviews PDF
Guang-Neng Hu, Xin-Yu Dai, Yunya Song, Shu-Jian Huang, Jia-Jun Chen
A Boosting Algorithm for Item Recommendation with Implicit Feedback PDF
Yong Liu, Peilin Zhao, Aixin Sun, Chunyan Miao
Simple Atom Selection Strategy for Greedy Matrix Completion PDF
Zebang Shen, Hui Qian, Tengfei Zhou, Song Wang

Main Track — Robotics and Vision

Reactive Integrated Motion Planning and Execution PDF
Andreas G. Hofmann, Enrique Fernandez, Justin Helbert, Scott D. Smith, Brian C. Williams
Co-Acquisition of Syntax and Semantics — An Investigation in Spatial Language PDF
Michael Spranger, Luc Steels
Reduced Time-Expansion Graphs and Goal Decomposition for Solving Cooperative Path Finding Sub-Optimally PDF
Pavel Surynek
Learning to Interpret Natural Language Commands through Human-Robot Dialog PDF
Jesse Thomason, Shiqi Zhang, Raymond J Mooney, Peter Stone

Main Track — Sequential Decision Making

Solving MDPs with Skew Symmetric Bilinear Utility Functions PDF
Hugo Gilbert, Olivier Spanjaard, Paolo Viappiani, Paul Weng

Main Track — Social Choice Theory

Ranked Voting on Social Networks PDF
Ariel D. Procaccia, Nisarg Shah, Eric Sodomka

Main Track — Social Networks

Nonnegative Matrix Tri-Factorization with Graph Regularization for Community Detection in Social Networks PDF
Yulong Pei, Nilanjan Chakraborty, Katia Sycara
CEIL: A Scalable, Resolution Limit Free Approach for Detecting Communities in Large Networks PDF
Vishnu Sankar, Balaraman Ravindran, Shivashankar S
Network Representation Learning with Rich Text Information PDF
Cheng Yang, Zhiyuan Liu, Deli Zhao, Maosong Sun, Edward Chang

Main Track — Vision and Perception

Cross-View Projective Dictionary Learning for Person Re-Identification PDF
Sheng Li, Ming Shao, Yun Fu
Inferring Painting Style with Multi-Task Dictionary Learning PDF
Gaowen Liu, Yan Yan, Elisa Ricci, Yi Yang, Yahong Han, Stefan Winkler, Nicu Sebe
Salient Object Detection via Augmented Hypotheses PDF
Tam Van Nguyen, Jose Sepulveda
Adaptive Sharing for Image Classification PDF
Li Shen, Gang Sun, Zhouchen Lin, Qingming Huang, Enhua Wu

Main Track — Web and Knowledge-Based Information Systems

Distance-Bounded Consistent Query Answering PDF
Andreas Pfandler, Emanuel Sallinger
Personalized Sentiment Classification Based on Latent Individuality of Microblog Users PDF
Kaisong Song, Shi Feng, Wei Gao, Daling Wang, Ge Yu, Kam-Fai Wong
Determining Expert Research Areas with Multi-Instance Learning of Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification Model PDF
Tao Wu, Qifan Wang, Zhiwei Zhang, Luo Si

Main Track — Web Mining

Tracking Political Elections on Social Media: Applications and Experience PDF
Danish Contractor, Bhupesh Chawda, Sameep Mehta, L Venkata Subramaniam, Tanveer Afzal Faruquie
Large Scale Homophily Analysis in Twitter Using a Twixonomy PDF
Stefano Faralli, Giovanni Stilo, Paola Velardi
Interactive Gender Inference with Integer Linear Programming PDF
Shoushan Li, Jingjing Wang, Guodong Zhou, Hanxiao Shi
Detecting Promotion Campaigns in Community Question Answering PDF
Xin Li, Yiqun Liu, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma, Xuan Zhu, Jiashen Sun
Towards Domain-Specific Semantic Relatedness: A Case Study from Geography PDF
Shilad Sen, Isaac Johnson, Rebecca Harper, Huy Mai, Samuel Horlbeck Olsen, Benjamin Mathers, Laura Souza Vonessen, Matthew Wright, Brent Hecht
Interest Inference via Structure-Constrained Multi-Source Multi-Task Learning PDF
Xuemeng Song, Liqiang Nie, Luming Zhang, Maofu Liu, Tat-Seng Chua

Artificial Intelligence and the Arts Track

Computational Invention of Cadences and Chord Progressions by Conceptual Chord-Blending PDF
Manfred Eppe, Roberto Confalonieri, Ewen MacLean, Maximos Kaliakatsos, Emilios Cambouropoulos, Marco Schorlemmer, Mihai Codescu, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger
Slogans Are Not Forever: Adapting Linguistic Expressions to the News PDF
Lorenzo Gatti, Gözde Özbal, Marco Guerini, Oliviero Stock, Carlo Strapparava
Generating 1/f Noise Sequences as Constraint Satisfaction: The Voss Constraint PDF
François Pachet, Pierre Roy, Alexandre Papadopoulos, Jason Sakellariou
Looking at Mondrian's Victory Boogie-Woogie: What Do I Feel? PDF
Andreza Sartori, Yan Yan, Gözde Özbal, Alkim Almila ​Akdag Salah​, Albert Ali Salah, Nicu Sebe
Aesthetic Visual Quality Evaluation of Chinese Handwritings PDF
Rongju Sun, Zhouhui Lian, Yingmin Tang, Jianguo Xiao
Stroke-Based Stylization Learning and Rendering with Inverse Reinforcement Learning PDF
Ning Xie, Tingting Zhao, Feng Tian, Xiao Hua Zhang, Masashi Sugiyama

Computational Sustainability Track

A Personalised Thermal Comfort Model Using a Bayesian Network PDF
Frederik Auffenberg, Sebastian Stein, Alex Rogers
When Security Games Go Green: Designing Defender Strategies to Prevent Poaching and Illegal Fishing PDF
Fei Fang, Peter Stone, Milind Tambe
Online Mechanisms for Charging Electric Vehicles in Settings with Varying Marginal Electricity Costs PDF
Keiichiro Hayakawa, Enrico H. Gerding, Sebastian Stein, Takahiro Shiga
Abstract Routing Models and Abstractions in the Context of Vehicle Routing PDF
René Schönfelder, Martin Leucker
Fast Combinatorial Algorithm for Optimizing the Spread of Cascades PDF
Xiaojian Wu, Daniel Sheldon, Shlomo Zilberstein
A Crowdfunding Model for Green Energy Investment PDF
Ronghuo Zheng, Ying Xu, Nilanjan Chakraborty, Katia Sycara

Knowledge Representation Track

Complexity Results in Epistemic Planning PDF
Thomas Bolander, Martin Holm Jensen, Francois Schwarzentruber
On the Undecidability of the Situation Calculus Extended with Description Logic Ontologies PDF
Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Mikhail Soutchanski
Verification of Generalized Inconsistency-Aware Knowledge and Action Bases PDF
Diego Calvanese, Marco Montali, Ario Santoso
Probabilistic Belief Contraction Using Argumentation PDF
Kinzang Chhogyal, Abhaya Nayak, Zhiqiang Zhuang, Abdul Sattar
Multilateral Negotiation in Boolean Games with Incomplete Information Using Generalized Possibilistic Logic PDF
Sofie De Clercq, Steven Schockaert, Ann Nowé, Martine De Cock
Combining Existential Rules with the Power of CP-Theories PDF
Tommaso Di Noia, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Maria Vanina Martinez, Gerardo I. Simari, Oana Tifrea-Marciuska
The Combined Approach to Query Answering Beyond the OWL 2 Profiles PDF
Cristina Feier, David Carral, Giorgio Stefanoni, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks
Computing Social Behaviours Using Agent Models PDF
Paolo Felli, Tim Miller, Christian Muise, Adrian R. Pearce, Liz Sonenberg
On the Computational Complexity of Naive-Based Semantics for Abstract Dialectical Frameworks PDF
Sarah Alice Gaggl, Sebastian Rudolph, Hannes Strass
Lightweight Temporal Description Logics with Rigid Roles and Restricted TBoxes PDF
Víctor Gutiérrez-Basulto, Jean Christoph Jung, Thomas Schneider
Efficient Query Rewriting in the Description Logic EL and Beyond PDF
Peter Hansen, Carsten Lutz, İnanç Seylan, Frank Wolter
Ontology-Mediated Queries with Closed Predicates PDF
Carsten Lutz, Inanc Seylan, Frank Wolter
Membership Constraints in Formal Concept Analysis PDF
Sebastian Rudolph, Christian Sacarea, Diana Troanca
Towards Fully Observable Non-Deterministic Planning as Assumption-based Automatic Synthesis PDF
Sebastian Sardina, Nicolas D'Ippolito
Qualitative Reasoning about Directions in Semantic Spaces PDF
Steven Schockaert, Jae Hee Lee
Belief Revision and Progression of Knowledge Bases in the Epistemic Situation Calculus PDF
Christoph Schwering, Gerhard Lakemeyer, Maurice Pagnucco
MergeXplain: Fast Computation of Multiple Conflicts for Diagnosis PDF
Kostyantyn Shchekotykhin, Dietmar Jannach, Thomas Schmitz
Efficiently Characterizing Non-Redundant Constraints in Large Real World Qualitative Spatial Networks PDF
Michael Sioutis, Sanjiang Li, Jean-Francois Condotta

Machine Learning Track

Reinforcement Learning from Demonstration through Shaping PDF
Tim Brys, Anna Harutyunyan, Halit Bener Suay, Sonia Chernova, Matthew E. Taylor, Ann Nowé
Deep Low-Rank Coding for Transfer Learning PDF
Zhengming Ding, Ming Shao, Yun Fu
Speeding Up Automatic Hyperparameter Optimization of Deep Neural Networks by Extrapolation of Learning Curves PDF
Tobias Domhan, Jost Tobias Springenberg, Frank Hutter
Topic Modeling with Document Relative Similarities PDF
Jianguang Du, Jing Jiang, Dandan Song, Lejian Liao
Robust Multiple Kernel K-means Using L21-Norm PDF
Liang Du, Peng Zhou, Lei Shi, Hanmo Wang, Mingyu Fan, Wenjian Wang, Yi-Dong Shen
Crowdsourced Semantic Matching of Multi-Label Annotations PDF
Lei Duan, Satoshi Oyama, Masahito Kurihara, Haruhiko Sato
Quiet: Faster Belief Propagation for Images and Related Applications PDF
Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Dennis Shasha
Bi-Parameter Space Partition for Cost-Sensitive SVM PDF
Bin Gu, Victor S. Sheng, Shuo Li
Identification of Time-Dependent Causal Model: A Gaussian Process Treatment PDF
Biwei Huang, Kun Zhang, Bernhard Schölkopf
Scalable Gaussian Process Regression Using Deep Neural Networks PDF
Wenbing Huang, Deli Zhao, Fuchun Sun, Huaping Liu, Edward Chang
Fast Cross-Validation for Incremental Learning PDF
Pooria Joulani, Andras Gyorgy, Csaba Szepesvari
Bayesian Active Learning for Posterior Estimation PDF
Kirthevasan Kandasamy, Jeff Schneider, Barnabas Poczos
Collaborative Place Models PDF
Berk Kapicioglu, David S. Rosenberg, Robert E. Schapire, Tony Jebara
Robust Kernel Dictionary Learning Using a Whole Sequence Convergent Algorithm PDF
Huaping Liu, Jie Qin, Hong Cheng, Fuchun Sun
Extended Discriminative Random Walk: A Hypergraph Approach to Multi-View Multi-Relational Transductive Learning PDF
Sai Nageswar Satchidanand, Harini Ananthapadmanaban, Balaraman Ravindran
Deep Linear Coding for Fast Graph Clustering PDF
Ming Shao, Sheng Li, Zhengming Ding, Yun Fu
Semi-Orthogonal Multilinear PCA with Relaxed Start PDF
Qiquan Shi, Haiping Lu
A Geometric Theory of Feature Selection and Distance-Based Measures PDF
Kilho Shin, Adrian Pino Angulo
Open Domain Short Text Conceptualization: A Generative + Descriptive Modeling Approach PDF
Yangqiu Song, Shusen Wang, Haixun Wang
Equivalence Results between Feedforward and Recurrent Neural Networks for Sequences PDF
Alessandro Sperduti
Polytree-Augmented Classifier Chains for Multi-Label Classification PDF
Lu Sun, Mineichi Kudo
Portable Option Discovery for Automated Learning Transfer in Object-Oriented Markov Decision Processes PDF
Nicholay Topin, Nicholas Haltmeyer, Shawn Squire, John Winder, Marie desJardins, James MacGlashan
Constrained Information-Theoretic Tripartite Graph Clustering to Identify Semantically Similar Relations PDF
Chenguang Wang, Yangqiu Song, Dan Roth, Chi Wang, Jiawei Han, Heng Ji, Ming Zhang
Learning to Hash on Partial Multi-Modal Data PDF
Qifan Wang, Luo Si, Bin Shen
Ranking Preserving Hashing for Fast Similarity Search PDF
Qifan Wang, Zhiwei Zhang, Luo Si
Perception Evolution Network Adapting to the Emergence of New Sensory Receptor PDF
Youlu Xing, Furao Shen, Jinxi Zhao
Scalable Maximum Margin Matrix Factorization by Active Riemannian Subspace Search PDF
Yan Yan, Mingkui Tan, Ivor Tsang, Yi Yang, Chengqi Zhang, Qinfeng Shi
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Multichannel Time Series for Human Activity Recognition PDF
Jianbo Yang, Minh Nhut Nguyen, Phyo Phyo San, Xiao Li Li, Shonali Krishnaswamy
Mobile Query Recommendation via Tensor Function Learning PDF
Zhou Zhao, Ruihua Song, Xing Xie, Xiaofei He, Yueting Zhuang
Recovery of Corrupted Multiple Kernels for Clustering PDF
Peng Zhou, Liang Du, Lei Shi, Hanmo Wang, Yi-Dong Shen
Learning a Robust Consensus Matrix for Clustering Ensemble via Kullback-Leibler Divergence Minimization PDF
Peng Zhou, Liang Du, Hanmo Wang, Lei Shi, Yi-Dong Shen

Journal Track

Norms as a Basis for Governing Sociotechnical Systems: Extended Abstract PDF
Munindar P. Singh
Continuous Body and Hand Gesture Recognition for Natural Human-Computer Interaction: Extended Abstract PDF
Yale Song, Randall Davis

Best Papers from Sister Conferences Track

Examples and Tutored Problems: Adaptive Support Using Assistance Scores PDF
Amir Shareghi Najar, Antonija Mitrovic, Bruce McLaren
Max Is More than Min: Solving Maximization Problems with Heuristic Search PDF
Roni Stern, Scott Kiesel, Rami Puzis, Ariel Felner, Wheeler Ruml

Doctoral Consortium

Dynamic Execution of Temporal Plans with Sensing Actions and Bounded Risk PDF
Pedro Henrique Santana, Brian C. Williams
An Intelligent and Unified Framework for Multiple Robot and Human Coalition Formation PDF
Sayan Dev Sen
Normative Practical Reasoning: An Argumentation-Based Approach PDF
Zohreh Shams
Unleashing the Power of Multi-Agent Voting Teams PDF
Leandro Soriano Marcolino
Feature Selection for Multi-Label Learning PDF
Newton Spolaôr, Maria Carolina Monard, Huei Diana Lee