AAAI Publications, Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Local Translation Prediction with Global Sentence Representation
Jiajun Zhang, Dakun Zhang, Jie Hao

Last modified: 2015-06-23


Statistical machine translation models have made great progress in improving the translation quality. However, the existing models predict the target translation with only the source- and target-side local context information. In practice, distinguishing good translations from bad ones does not only depend on the local features, but also rely on the global sentence-level information. In this paper, we explore the source-side global sentence-level features for target-side local translation prediction. We propose a novel bilingually-constrained chunk-based convolutional neural network to learn sentence semantic representations. With the sentence-level feature representation, we further design a feed-forward neural network to better predict translations using both local and global information. The large-scale experiments show that our method can obtain substantial improvements in translation quality over the strong baseline: the hierarchical phrase-based translation model augmented with the neural network joint model.

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