AAAI Publications, Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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An Active Learning Approach to Coreference Resolution
Mrinmaya Sachan, Eduard Hovy, Eric P. Xing

Last modified: 2015-06-23


In this paper, we define the problem of coreference resolution in text as one of clustering with pairwise constraints where human experts are asked to provide pairwise constraints (pairwise judgments of coreferentiality) to guide the clustering process. Positing that these pairwise judgments are easy to obtain from humans given the right context, we show that with significantly lower number of pairwise judgments and feature-engineering effort, we can achieve competitive coreference performance. Further, we describe an active learning strategy that minimizes the overall number of such pairwise judgments needed by asking the most informative questions to human experts at each step of coreference resolution. We evaluate this hypothesis and our algorithms on both entity and event coreference tasks and on two languages.

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