Presentations and Authors

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Agent-Based and Multiagent Systems

On the Complexity of Voting Manipulation under Randomized Tie-Breaking PDF
Svetlana Obraztsova, Edith Elkind
Improving Resource Allocation Strategy Against Human Adversaries in Security Games PDF
Rong Yang, Christopher Kiekintveld, Fernando Ordonez, Milind Tambe, Richard John

Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search

The Multi-Inter-Distance Constraint PDF
Pierre Ouellet, Claude-Guy Quimper
Space Defragmentation Heuristic for 2D and 3D Bin Packing Problems PDF
Zhaoyi Zhang, Songshan Guo, Wenbin Zhu, Wee-Chong Oon, Andrew Lim

Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and Logic

A Practical Automata-Based Technique for Reasoning in Expressive Description Logics PDF
Diego Calvanese, Domenico Carbotta, Magdalena Ortiz
Containment of Regular Path Queries under Description Logic Constraints PDF
Diego Calvanese, Magdalena Ortiz, Mantas Simkus
Reasoning About Typicality in Low Complexity DLs: the Logics ELāŠ„Tmin and DL-LitecTmin PDF
Laura Giordano, Valentina Gliozzi, Nicola Olivetti, GianLuca Pozzato
Augmenting Tractable Fragments of Abstract Argumentation PDF
Sebastian Ordyniak, Stefan Szeider
Query Answering in the Horn Fragments of the Description Logics SHOIQ and SROIQ PDF
Magdalena Ortiz, Sebastian Rudolph, Mantas Simkus

Multidisciplinary Topics And Applications

Modeling Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Remote Sensing Data with Large Gaps PDF
Qiang Lou, Zoran Obradovic
On the Role of Domain Knowledge in Analogy-Based Story Generation PDF
Santiago Ontanon, Jichen Zhu
Feature Learning for Activity Recognition in Ubiquitous Computing PDF
Thomas Ploetz, Nils Y. Hammerla, Patrick L. Olivier

Planning and Scheduling

Iterative Flattening Search for the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem PDF
Angelo Oddi, Riccardo Rasconi, Amedeo Cesta, Stephen F. Smith
Scaling Up Optimal Heuristic Search in Dec-POMDPs via Incremental Expansion PDF
Matthijs T. J. Spaan, Frans A. Oliehoek, Christopher Amato

Special Track on Integrated and Embedded AI

An Agent Architecture for Prognostic Reasoning Assistance PDF
Jean Oh, Felipe Meneguzzi, Katia Sycara, Timothy J Norman
Embedding System Dynamics in Agent Based Models for Complex Adaptive Systems PDF
Maarika Teose, Kiyan Ahmadizadeh, Eoin O'Mahony, Rebecca L. Smith, Zhao Lu, Stephen P. Ellner, Carla Gomes, Yrjo Grohn

Best Paper Track

Reinforcement Learning to Adjust Robot Movements to New Situations PDF
Jens Kober, Erhan Oztop, Jan Peters
Ties Matter: Complexity of Voting Manipulation Revisited PDF
Svetlana Obraztsova, Edith Elkind, Noam Hazon

Doctoral Consortium

Temporal Defeasible Argumentation in Multi-Agent Planning PDF
Sergio Pajares Ferrando, Eva Onaindia