Presentations and Authors

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Agent-Based and Multiagent Systems

A General Elicitation-Free Protocol for Allocating Indivisible Goods PDF
Sylvain Bouveret, Jérôme Lang
Social Distance Games PDF
Simina Brânzei, Kate Larson
Towards More Expressive Cake Cutting PDF
Ioannis Caragiannis, John K. Lai, Ariel D. Procaccia
AstonCAT-Plus: An Efficient Specialist for the TAC Market Design Tournament PDF
Meng Chang, Minghua He, Xudong Luo
Hypercubewise Preference Aggregation in Multi-Issue Domains PDF
Vincent Conitzer, Jérôme Lang, Lirong Xia
Choosing Collectively Optimal Sets of Alternatives Based on the Condorcet Criterion PDF
Edith Elkind, Jérôme Lang, Abdallah Saffidine
A Dynamic Logic of Normative Systems PDF
Andreas Herzig, Emiliano Lorini, Frederic Moisan, Nicolas Troquard
Budgeted Social Choice: From Consensus to Personalized Decision Making PDF
Tyler Lu, Craig Boutilier
Robust Approximation and Incremental Elicitation in Voting Protocols PDF
Tyler Lu, Craig Boutilier
Push and Swap: Fast Cooperative Path-Finding with Completeness Guarantees PDF
Ryan J. Luna, Kostas E. Bekris
Using Experience to Generate New Regulations PDF
Javier Morales, Maite López-Sánchez, Marc Esteva
Generalizing Envy-Freeness Toward Group of Agents PDF
Taiki Todo, Runcong Li, Xuemei Hu, Takayuki Mouri, Atsushi Iwasaki, Makoto Yokoo
Multi-Agent Plan Recognition with Partial Team Traces and Plan Libraries PDF
Hankz Hankui Zhuo, Lei Li

Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search

Constraint Programming on Infinite Data Streams PDF
A. Lallouet, Y. C. Law, J. H. M. Lee, C. F. K. Siu
Minimum Satisfiability and Its Applications PDF
Chu-Min Li, Zhu Zhu, Felip Manya, Laurent Simon
Large Hinge Width on Sparse Random Hypergraphs PDF
Tian Liu, Xiaxiang Lin, Chaoyi Wang, Kaile Su, Ke Xu
Real-Time Opponent Modelling in Trick-Taking Card Games PDF
Jeffrey Richard Long, Michael Buro
A Generalized Arc-Consistency Algorithm for a Class of Counting Constraints PDF
Thierry Petit, Nicolas Beldiceanu, Xavier Lorca
Space Defragmentation Heuristic for 2D and 3D Bin Packing Problems PDF
Zhaoyi Zhang, Songshan Guo, Wenbin Zhu, Wee-Chong Oon, Andrew Lim

Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and Logic

Query Reasoning on Trees with Types, Interleaving, and Counting PDF
Everardo Barcenas, Pierre Geneves, Nabil Layaida, Alan Schmitt
First-Order Extension of the FLP Stable Model Semantics via Modified Circumscription PDF
Michael Bartholomew, Joohyung Lee, Yunsong Meng
A Computationally-Grounded Semantics for Artifact-Centric Systems and Abstraction Results PDF
Francesco Belardinelli, Alessio Lomuscio, Fabio Patrizi
On Progression and Query Evaluation in First-Order Knowledge Bases with Function Symbols PDF
Vaishak Belle, Gerhard Lakemeyer
Interval-Based Possibilistic Logic PDF
Salem Benferhat, Julien Hué, Sylvain Lagrue, Julien Rossit
Efficient Reasoning in Proper Knowledge Bases with Unknown Individuals PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Yves Lesperance, Hector J. Levesque
Generalising the Interaction Rules in Probabilistic Logic PDF
Arjen Hommersom, Peter J. F. Lucas
Discrete-Time Temporal Reasoning with Horn DLRs PDF
Peter Jonsson, Tomas Lööw
Context-Sensitive Diagnosis of Discrete-Event Systems PDF
Gianfranco Lamperti, Marina Zanella
On the Progression of Knowledge in the Situation Calculus PDF
Yongmei Liu, Ximing Wen
Description Logic TBoxes: Model-Theoretic Characterizations and Rewritability PDF
Carsten Lutz, Robert Piro, Frank Wolter
Foundations for Uniform Interpolation and Forgetting in Expressive Description Logics PDF
Carsten Lutz, Frank Wolter

Machine Learning

Using Cases as Heuristics in Reinforcement Learning: A Transfer Learning Application PDF
Luiz A. Celiberto Jr., Jackson P. Matsuura, Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, Reinaldo A. C. Bianchi
Increasing the Scalability of the Fitting of Generalised Block Models for Social Networks PDF
Jeffrey Chan, Samantha Lam, Conor Hayes
Concept Labeling: Building Text Classifiers with Minimal Supervision PDF
Vijil Chenthamarakshan, Prem Melville, Vikas Sindhwani, Richard D Lawrence
Joint Feature Selection and Subspace Learning PDF
Quanquan Gu, Zhenhui Li, Jiawei Han
Incremental Slow Feature Analysis PDF
Varun Raj Kompella, Matthew Luciw, Juergen Schmidhuber
Modular Community Detection in Networks PDF
Wenye Li, Dale Schuurmans
Probit Classifiers with a Generalized Gaussian Scale Mixture Prior PDF
Guoqing Liu, Jianxin Wu, Suiping Zhou
Locality-Constrained Concept Factorization PDF
Haifeng Liu, Zheng Yang, Zhaohui Wu
Cluster Indicator Decomposition for Efficient Matrix Factorization PDF
Dijun Luo, Chris Ding, Heng Huang
Ball Ranking Machines for Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval PDF
Dijun Luo, Heng Huang
Combining Supervised and Unsupervised Models Via Unconstrained Probabilistic Embedding PDF
Xudong Ma, Ping Luo, Fuzhen Zhuang, Qing He, Zhongzhi Shi, Zhiyong Shen
Positive Unlabeled Learning for Time Series Classification PDF
Minh Nhut Nguyen, Xiao-Li Li, See-Kiong Ng
Robust Principal Component Analysis with Non-Greedy ℓ1-Norm Maximization PDF
Feiping Nie, Heng Huang, Chris Ding, Dijun Luo, Hua Wang
Angular Decomposition PDF
Dengdi Sun, Chris H.Q. Ding, Bin Luo, Jin Tang
Fast Anomaly Detection for Streaming Data PDF
Swee Chuan Tan, Kai Ming Ting, Tony Fei Liu
Utility-Based Fraud Detection PDF
Luis Torgo, Elsa Lopes
Bi-Weighting Domain Adaptation for Cross-Language Text Classification PDF
Chang Wan, Rong Pan, Jiefei Li
Similarity-Based Approach for Positive and Unlabelled Learning PDF
Yanshan Xiao, Bo Liu, Jie Yin, Longbing Cao, Chengqi Zhang, Zhifeng Hao
Diversity Regularized Machine PDF
Yang Yu, Yu-Feng Li, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Multi-Kernel Multi-Label Learning with Max-Margin Concept Network PDF
Wei Zhang, Xiangyang Xue, Jianping Fan, Xiaojing Huang, Bin Wu, Mingjie Liu
Pattern Field Classification with Style Normalized Transformation PDF
Xu-Yao Zhang, Kaizhu Huang, Cheng-Lin Liu

Multidisciplinary Topics And Applications

A Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Agent for Online Learning and Reasoning PDF
H. Leo H. de Penning, Artur S. d'Avila Garcez, Luis C. Lamb, John-Jules C. Meyer
Verifying Fault Tolerance and Self-Diagnosability of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle PDF
Jonathan Ezekiel, Alessio Lomuscio, Levente Molnar, Sandor Veres, Miles Pebody
Generalized Latent Factor Models for Social Network Analysis PDF
Wu-Jun Li, Dit-Yan Yeung, Zhihua Zhang
Modeling Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Remote Sensing Data with Large Gaps PDF
Qiang Lou, Zoran Obradovic

Natural-Language Processing

Unsupervised Modeling of Dialog Acts in Asynchronous Conversations PDF
Shafiq Rayhan Joty, Giuseppe Carenini, Chin-Yew Lin
Incorporating Reviewer and Product Information for Review Rating Prediction PDF
Fangtao Li, Nathan Nan Liu, Hongwei Jin, Kai Zhao, Qiang Yang, Xiaoyan Zhu
Semi-Supervised Learning for Imbalanced Sentiment Classification PDF
Shoushan Li, Zhongqing Wang, Guodong Zhou, Sophia Yat Mei Lee
Collective Semantic Role Labeling for Tweets with Clustering PDF
Xiaohua Liu, Kuan Li, Ming Zhou, Zhongyang Xiong
SMT Versus AI Redux: How Semantic Frames Evaluate MT More Accurately PDF
Chi-kiu Lo, Dekai Wu

Planning and Scheduling

DetH*: Approximate Hierarchical Solution of Large Markov Decision Processes PDF
Jennifer L. Barry, Leslie Pack Kaelbling, Tomas Lozano-Perez
Point-Based Value Iteration for Constrained POMDPs PDF
Dongho Kim, Jaesong Lee, Kee-Eung Kim, Pascal Poupart
Computing Infinite Plans for LTL Goals Using a Classical Planner PDF
Fabio Patrizi, Nir Lipoveztky, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Hector Geffner

Uncertainty in AI

Pairwise Decomposition for Combinatorial Optimization in Graphical Models PDF
Aurélie Favier, Simon de Givry, Andrès Legarra, Thomas Schiex
A Trust Prediction Approach Capturing Agents' Dynamic Behavior PDF
Xin Liu, Anwitaman Datta
Bayesian Chain Classifiers for Multidimensional Classification PDF
Julio Cesar Zaragoza, Enrique Sucar, Eduardo Morales, Concha Bielza, Pedro Larrañaga

Web and Knowledge-Based Information Systems

Leveraging Unlabeled Data to Scale Blocking for Record Linkage PDF
Yunbo Cao, Zhiyuan Chen, Jiamin Zhu, Pei Yue, Chin-Yew Lin, Yong Yu
Relevance Feedback between Web Search and the Semantic Web PDF
Harry R. Halpin, Victor Lavrenko
Mining Longitudinal Network for Predicting Company Value PDF
Yingzi Jin, Ching-Yung Lin, Yutaka Matsuo, Mitsuru Ishizuka
Social Abstract Argumentation PDF
João Leite, João Martins
Cross-Domain Collaborative Filtering over Time PDF
Bin Li, Xingquan Zhu, Ruijiang Li, Chengqi Zhang, Xiangyang Xue, Xindong Wu
Transfer Learning to Predict Missing Ratings Via Heterogeneous User Feedbacks PDF
Weike Pan, Nathan N. Liu, Evan W. Xiang, Qiang Yang
Short Text Conceptualization Using a Probabilistic Knowledgebase PDF
Yangqiu Song, Haixun Wang, Zhongyuan Wang, Hongsong Li, Weizhu Chen
A Wikipedia Based Semantic Graph Model for Topic Tracking in Blogosphere PDF
Jintao Tang, Ting Wang, Qin Lu, Ji Wang, Wenjie Li
Predicting Epidemic Tendency through Search Behavior Analysis PDF
Danqing Xu, Yiqun Liu, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma, Anqi Cui, Liyun Ru
Mining User Dwell Time for Personalized Web Search Re-Ranking PDF
Songhua Xu, Hao Jiang, Francis Chi-Moon Lau

Special Track on Integrated and Embedded AI

Sketch Recognition Algorithms for Comparing Complex and Unpredictable Shapes PDF
Martin Field, Stephanie Valentine, Julie Linsey, Tracy Hammond
A New Search Engine Integrating Hierarchical Browsing and Keyword Search PDF
Da Kuang, Xiao Li, Charles X. Ling
A Real-Time Opponent Modeling System for Rush Football PDF
Kennard Laviers, Gita Sukthankar
Coordinating Logistics Operations with Privacy Guarantees PDF
Thomas Léauté, Boi Faltings
Learning to Identify Review Spam PDF
Fangtao Huang Li, Minlie Huang, Yi Yang, Xiaoyan Zhu
Embedding System Dynamics in Agent Based Models for Complex Adaptive Systems PDF
Maarika Teose, Kiyan Ahmadizadeh, Eoin O'Mahony, Rebecca L. Smith, Zhao Lu, Stephen P. Ellner, Carla Gomes, Yrjo Grohn
Cross-People Mobile-Phone Based Activity Recognition PDF
Zhongtang Zhao, Yiqiang Chen, Junfa Liu, Zhiqi Shen, Mingjie Liu
CHIME: An Efficient Error-Tolerant Chinese Pinyin Input Method PDF
Yabin Zheng, Chen Li, Maosong Sun

Best Paper Track

Human-Guided Machine Learning for Fast and Accurate Network Alarm Triage PDF
Saleema Amershi, Bongshin Lee, Ashish Kapoor, Ratul Mahajan, Blaine Christian
Community Detection in Social Networks Through Community Formation Games PDF
Wei Chen, Zhenming Liu, Xiaorui Sun, Yajun Wang
An Algorithm for Adapting Cases Represented in ALC PDF
Julien Cojan, Jean Lieber
Incentive Engineering for Boolean Games PDF
Ulle Endriss, Sarit Kraus, Jerome Lang, Michael John Wooldridge
Automatic Construction of Efficient Multiple Battery Usage Policies PDF
Maria Fox, Derek Long, Daniele Magazzeni
A Correctness Result for Reasoning about One-Dimensional Planning Problems PDF
Yuxiao Hu, Hector Levesque
The Combined Approach to Ontology-Based Data Access PDF
Roman Kontchakov, Carsten Lutz, David Toman, Frank Wolter, Michael Zakharyaschev
Enhancing Case Adaptation with Introspective Reasoning and Web Mining PDF
David Leake, Jay Powell
Large Linear Classification When Data Cannot Fit in Memory PDF
Hsiang-Fu Yu, Cho-Jui Hsieh, Kai-Wei Chang, Chih-Jen Lin

Doctoral Consortium

Combining Machine Learning and Optimization Techniques to Determine 3-D Structures of Polypeptides PDF
Marcio Dorn, Luciana Salete Buriol, Luis da Cunha Lamb
Towards Social Problem-Solving with Human Subjects PDF
Daniel Scain Farenzena, Luis da Cunha Lamb, Ricardo Matsumura de Araújo