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Invited Talks and Research Excellence Paper

Artificial Intelligence and Human Thinking PDF
Robert Anthony Kowalski

Agent-Based and Multiagent Systems

Manipulating Boolean Games Through Communication PDF
John Grant, Sarit Kraus, Michael John Wooldridge, Inon Zuckerman
A Mechanism for Dynamic Ride Sharing Based on Parallel Auctions PDF
Alexander Kleiner, Bernhard Nebel, Vittorio Amos Ziparo
Security Games with Multiple Attacker Resources PDF
Dmytro Korzhyk, Vincent Conitzer, Ronald Parr
Concise Characteristic Function Representations in Coalitional Games Based on Agent Types PDF
Suguru Ueda, Makoto Kitaki, Atsushi Iwasaki, Makoto Yokoo
Improving Resource Allocation Strategy Against Human Adversaries in Security Games PDF
Rong Yang, Christopher Kiekintveld, Fernando Ordonez, Milind Tambe, Richard John
Generalized Reaction Functions for Solving Complex-Task Allocation Problems PDF
Xiaoming Zheng, Sven Koenig

Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search

Tractable Set Constraints PDF
Manuel Bodirsky, Martin Hils, Alex Krimkevich
Evaluations of Hash Distributed A* in Optimal Sequence Alignment PDF
Yoshikazu Kobayashi, Akihiro Kishimoto, Osamu Watanabe
A Hybrid Recursive Multi-Way Number Partitioning Algorithm PDF
Richard Earl Korf
Complete Algorithms for Cooperative Pathfinding Problems PDF
Trevor Scott Standley, Richard Korf

Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and Logic

Succinctness of Epistemic Languages PDF
Tim French, Wiebe van der Hoek, Petar Iliev, Barteld Kooi
A Constructive Approach to Independent and Evidence Retaining Belief Revision by General Information Sets PDF
Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Patrick Kruempelmann
A Logic for Causal Inference in Time Series with Discrete and Continuous Variables PDF
Samantha Kleinberg
Belief Base Rationalization for Propositional Merging PDF
Sébastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis, Nicolas Schwind
On the Decidability of Connectedness Constraints in 2D and 3D Euclidean Spaces PDF
Roman Kontchakov, Yavor Nenov, Ian Pratt-Hartmann, Michael Zakharyaschev
Extending Decidable Existential Rules by Joining Acyclicity and Guardedness PDF
Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph
Consequence-Based Reasoning beyond Horn Ontologies PDF
František Simančík, Yevgeny Kazakov, Ian Horrocks

Machine Learning

Multi-Evidence Lifted Message Passing, with Application to PageRank and the Kalman Filter PDF
Babak Ahmadi, Kristian Kersting, Scott Sanner
Learning Decision Rules from Data Streams PDF
João Gama, Petr Kosina
Adaptation of a Mixture of Multivariate Bernoulli Distributions PDF
Ankur Kamthe, Miguel Angel Carreira-Perpinan, Alberto E. Cerpa
Revisiting Numerical Pattern Mining with Formal Concept Analysis PDF
Mehdi Kaytoue, Sergei O. Kuznetsov, Amedeo Napoli
Activity Recognition with Finite State Machines PDF
Wesley Kerr, Anh Tran, Paul Cohen
Incremental Slow Feature Analysis PDF
Varun Raj Kompella, Matthew Luciw, Juergen Schmidhuber
Learning Hash Functions for Cross-View Similarity Search PDF
Shaishav Kumar, Raghavendra Udupa
Imitation Learning in Relational Domains: A Functional-Gradient Boosting Approach PDF
Sriraam Natarajan, Saket Joshi, Prasad Tadepalli, Kristian Kersting, Jude Shavlik
Discovering Deformable Motifs in Continuous Time Series Data PDF
Suchi Saria, Andrew Duchi, Daphne Koller
Classification of Emerging Extreme Event Tracks in Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Physical Systems Using Dynamic Network Structures: Application to Hurricane Track Prediction PDF
Huseyin Sencan, Zhengzhang Chen, William Hendrix, Tatdow Pansombut, Frederick Semazzi, Alok Choudhary, Vipin Kumar, Anatoli V. Melechko, Nagiza F. Samatova
Bayesian Policy Search with Policy Priors PDF
David Wingate, Noah D. Goodman, Daniel M. Roy, Leslie P. Kaelbling, Joshua B. Tenenbaum

Multidisciplinary Topics And Applications

Just an Artifact: Why Machines are Perceived as Moral Agents PDF
Joanna J. Bryson, Philip P. Kime
Using Multiple Models to Understand Data PDF
Kayur Patel, Steven M. Drucker, James Fogarty, Ashish Kapoor, Desney S. Tan
Active Graph Reachability Reduction for Network Security and Software Engineering PDF
Alice X. Zheng, John Dunagan, Ashish Kapoor

Natural-Language Processing

Learning Cause Identifiers from Annotator Rationales PDF
Muhammad Arshad Ul Abedin, Vincent Ng, Latifur Rahman Khan
Improve Tree Kernel-Based Event Pronoun Resolution with Competitive Information PDF
Fang Kong, Guodong Zhou

Planning and Scheduling

DetH*: Approximate Hierarchical Solution of Large Markov Decision Processes PDF
Jennifer L. Barry, Leslie Pack Kaelbling, Tomas Lozano-Perez
Point-Based Value Iteration for Constrained POMDPs PDF
Dongho Kim, Jaesong Lee, Kee-Eung Kim, Pascal Poupart

Robotics and Vision

Aesthetic Guideline Driven Photography by Robots PDF
Raghudeep Gadde, Kamalakar Karlapalem

Uncertainty in AI

Randomized Sensing in Adversarial Environments PDF
Andreas Krause, Alex Roper, Daniel Golovin
Scalable Multiagent Planning Using Probabilistic Inference PDF
Akshat Kumar, Shlomo Zilberstein, Marc Toussaint

Web and Knowledge-Based Information Systems

CCR — A Content-Collaborative Reciprocal Recommender for Online Dating PDF
Joshua Akehurst, Irena Koprinska, Kalina Yacef, Luiz Pizzato, Judy Kay, Tomasz Rej
Fast Algorithm for Affinity Propagation PDF
Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Go Irie, Tomoe Kitahara
Mining the Web for the "Voice of the Herd" to Track Stock Market Bubbles PDF
Aaron Gerow, Mark T Keane
Context Sensitive Topic Models for Author Influence in Document Networks PDF
Saurabh Kataria, Prasenjit Mitra, Cornelia Caragea, C. Lee Giles
Multi-Perspective Linking of News Articles within a Repository PDF
Arpit Khurdiya, Lipika Dey, Nidhi Raj, Sk. Mirajul Haque
Efficient Searching Top-k Semantic Similar Words PDF
Zhenglu Yang, Masaru Kitsuregawa

Special Track on Integrated and Embedded AI

A New Search Engine Integrating Hierarchical Browsing and Keyword Search PDF
Da Kuang, Xiao Li, Charles X. Ling
Resource-Bounded Crowd-Sourcing of Commonsense Knowledge PDF
Yen-Ling Kuo, Jane Yung-jen Hsu
A System for Providing Differentiated QoS in Retail Banking PDF
Sameep Mehta, Girish Chafle, Gyana Parija, Vikas Kedia

Best Paper Track

Human-Guided Machine Learning for Fast and Accurate Network Alarm Triage PDF
Saleema Amershi, Bongshin Lee, Ashish Kapoor, Ratul Mahajan, Blaine Christian
Incentive Engineering for Boolean Games PDF
Ulle Endriss, Sarit Kraus, Jerome Lang, Michael John Wooldridge
Reinforcement Learning to Adjust Robot Movements to New Situations PDF
Jens Kober, Erhan Oztop, Jan Peters
The Combined Approach to Ontology-Based Data Access PDF
Roman Kontchakov, Carsten Lutz, David Toman, Frank Wolter, Michael Zakharyaschev
Reasoning and Proofing Services for Semantic Web Agents PDF
Kalliopi Kravari, Konstantinos Papatheodorou, Grigoris Antoniou, Nick Bassiliades
Efficient Rule-Based Inferencing for OWL EL PDF
Markus Krötzsch
Flexible Tree Matching PDF
Ranjitha Kumar, Jerry O. Talton, Salman Ahmad, Tim Roughgarden, Scott R. Klemmer
GUARDS — Innovative Application of Game Theory for National Airport Security PDF
James Pita, Milind Tambe, Christopher Kiekintveld, Shane Cullen, Erin Steigerwald
Evaluation of Group Profiling Strategies PDF
Christophe Senot, Dimitre Kostadinov, Makram Bouzid, Jérôme Picault, Armen Aghasaryan

Doctoral Consortium

Towards Scalable MDP Algorithms PDF
Andrey Kolobov
Talking about Trust in Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Andrew Koster, Marco Schorlemmer, Jordi Sabater-Mir
RDFKB: A Semantic Web Knowledge Base PDF
James P. McGlothlin, Latifur Khan, Bhavani Thuraisingham