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Agent-Based and Multiagent Systems

Aggregating Dependency Graphs into Voting Agendas in Multi-Issue Elections PDF
Stéphane Airiau, Ulle Endriss, Umberto Grandi, Daniele Porello, Joel Uckelman
Dynamics of Profit-Sharing Games PDF
John Augustine, Ning Chen, Edith Elkind, Angelo Fanelli, Nick Gravin, Dmitry Shiryaev
A Market Clearing Solution for Social Lending PDF
Ning Chen, Arpita Ghosh
Binary Aggregation with Integrity Constraints PDF
Umberto Grandi, Ulle Endriss
Manipulating Boolean Games Through Communication PDF
John Grant, Sarit Kraus, Michael John Wooldridge, Inon Zuckerman
On the Complexity of the Core over Coalition Structures PDF
Gianluigi Greco, Enrico Malizia, Luigi Palopoli, Francesco Scarcello
Using Gaussian Processes to Optimise Concession in Complex Negotiations against Unknown Opponents PDF
Colin Richard Williams, Valentin Robu, Enrico Harm Gerding, Nicholas Robert Jennings

Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search

Tackling the Partner Units Configuration Problem PDF
Markus Aschinger, Conrad Drescher, Georg Gottlob, Peter Jeavons, Evgenij Thorstensen
Symmetries and Lazy Clause Generation PDF
Geoffrey Chu, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Chris Mears, Peter J. Stuckey
Kernels for Global Constraints PDF
Serge Gaspers, Stefan Szeider
A Uniform Approach for Generating Proofs and Strategies for both True and False QBF Formulas PDF
Alexandra Goultiaeva, Allen Van Gelder, Fahiem Bacchus
Generalizing ADOPT and BnB-ADOPT PDF
Patricia Gutierrez, Pedro Meseguer, William Yeoh
Exploiting Short Supports for Generalised Arc Consistency for Arbitrary Constraints PDF
Peter Nightingale, Ian Philip Gent, Chris Jefferson, Ian Miguel
The Increasing Cost Tree Search for Optimal Multi-Agent Pathfinding PDF
Guni Sharon, Roni Stern, Meir Goldenberg, Ariel Felner
Space Defragmentation Heuristic for 2D and 3D Bin Packing Problems PDF
Zhaoyi Zhang, Songshan Guo, Wenbin Zhu, Wee-Chong Oon, Andrew Lim

Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and Logic

Query Reasoning on Trees with Types, Interleaving, and Counting PDF
Everardo Barcenas, Pierre Geneves, Nabil Layaida, Alan Schmitt
Expressiveness of the Interval Logics of Allen's Relations on the Class of all Linear Orders: Complete Classification PDF
Dario Della Monica, Valentin Goranko, Angelo Montanari, Guido Sciavicco
Reasoning About Typicality in Low Complexity DLs: the Logics EL⊥Tmin and DL-LitecTmin PDF
Laura Giordano, Valentina Gliozzi, Nicola Olivetti, GianLuca Pozzato
Belief Management for High-Level Robot Programs PDF
Stephan Gspandl, Ingo Pill, Michael Reip, Gerald Steinbauer, Alexander Ferrein
Multidimensional Mereotopology with Betweenness PDF
Torsten Hahmann, Michael Gruninger
Reasoning-Supported Interactive Revision of Knowledge Bases PDF
Nadeschda Nikitina, Sebastian Rudolph, Birte Glimm

Machine Learning

Unsupervised Learning of Patterns in Data Streams Using Compression and Edit Distance PDF
Sook-Ling Chua, Stephen Marsland, Hans W. Guesgen
Flexible, High Performance Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification PDF
Dan Claudiu Ciresan, Ueli Meier, Jonathan Masci, Luca Maria Gambardella, Jürgen Schmidhuber
Learning Decision Rules from Data Streams PDF
João Gama, Petr Kosina
Constituent Grammatical Evolution PDF
Loukas Georgiou, William J. Teahan
Continuous Correlated Beta Processes PDF
Robby Goetschalckx, Pascal Poupart, Jesse Hoey
A Fast Dual Projected Newton Method for L1-Regularized Least Squares PDF
Pinghua Gong, Changshui Zhang
Kernel-Based Selective Ensemble Learning for Streams of Trees PDF
Valerio Grossi, Alessandro Sperduti
On Trivial Solution and Scale Transfer Problems in Graph Regularized NMF PDF
Quanquan Gu, Chris Ding, Jiawei Han
Joint Feature Selection and Subspace Learning PDF
Quanquan Gu, Zhenhui Li, Jiawei Han
Multi-Label Classification Using Conditional Dependency Networks PDF
Yuhong Guo, Suicheng Gu
Extracting Temporal Patterns from Interval-Based Sequences PDF
Thomas Guyet, René Quiniou
Biclustering-Driven Ensemble of Bayesian Belief Network Classifiers for Underdetermined Problems PDF
Tatdow Pansombut, William Hendrix, Zekai J. Gao, Brent E. Harrison, Nagiza F. Samatova
Active Surveying: A Probabilistic Approach for Identifying Key Opinion Leaders PDF
Hossam Sharara, Lise Getoor, Myra Norton
Bayesian Policy Search with Policy Priors PDF
David Wingate, Noah D. Goodman, Daniel M. Roy, Leslie P. Kaelbling, Joshua B. Tenenbaum
Learning to Rank Under Multiple Annotators PDF
Ou Wu, Weiming Hu, Jun Gao

Multidisciplinary Topics And Applications

OCS-14: You Can Get Occluded in Fourteen Ways PDF
Prithwijit Guha, Amitabha Mukerjee, K. S. Venkatesh
Effective and Efficient Microprocessor Design Space Exploration Using Unlabeled Design Configurations PDF
Qi Guo, Tianshi Chen, Yunji Chen, Zhi-Hua Zhou, Weiwu Hu, Zhiwei Xu
Multi-Select Faceted Navigation Based on Minimum Description Length Principle PDF
Chao He, Xueqi Cheng, Jiafeng Guo, Huawei Shen

Natural-Language Processing

Learning from Natural Instructions PDF
Dan Goldwasser, Dan Roth
Automatic Discovery of Fuzzy Synsets from Dictionary Definitions PDF
Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira, Paulo Gomes
Sample Efficient On-Line Learning of Optimal Dialogue Policies with Kalman Temporal Differences PDF
Olivier Pietquin, Matthieu Geist, Senthilkumar Chandramohan

Planning and Scheduling

Planning Under Partial Observability by Classical Replanning: Theory and Experiments PDF
Blai Bonet, Hector Geffner
Risk-Sensitive Policies for Sustainable Renewable Resource Allocation PDF
Stefano Ermon, Jon Conrad, Carla Gomes, Bart Selman
On the Decidability of HTN Planning with Task Insertion PDF
Thomas Geier, Pascal Bercher
Computing Infinite Plans for LTL Goals Using a Classical Planner PDF
Fabio Patrizi, Nir Lipoveztky, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Hector Geffner
Goal Recognition over POMDPs: Inferring the Intention of a POMDP Agent PDF
Miquel Ramírez, Hector Geffner

Robotics and Vision

Aesthetic Guideline Driven Photography by Robots PDF
Raghudeep Gadde, Kamalakar Karlapalem

Uncertainty in AI

Lifted Relational Kalman Filtering PDF
Jaesik Choi, Abner Guzman-Rivera, Eyal Amir
Randomized Sensing in Adversarial Environments PDF
Andreas Krause, Alex Roper, Daniel Golovin

Web and Knowledge-Based Information Systems

Mining the Web for the "Voice of the Herd" to Track Stock Market Bubbles PDF
Aaron Gerow, Mark T Keane
Context Sensitive Topic Models for Author Influence in Document Networks PDF
Saurabh Kataria, Prasenjit Mitra, Cornelia Caragea, C. Lee Giles

Special Track on Integrated and Embedded AI

Plan Recognition in Virtual Laboratories PDF
Ofra Amir, Ya'akov (Kobi) Gal
A Natural Language Question Answering System as a Participant in Human Q&A Portals PDF
Tiansi Dong, Ulrich Furbach, Ingo Glöckner, Björn Pelzer
Exploiting Probabilistic Knowledge under Uncertain Sensing for Efficient Robot Behaviour PDF
Marc Hanheide, Charles Gretton, Richard W Dearden, Nick A Hawes, Jeremy L Wyatt, Andrzej Pronobis, Alper Aydemir, Moritz Göbelbecker, Hendrik Zender
Learning Compact Visual Descriptor for Low Bit Rate Mobile Landmark Search PDF
Rongrong Ji, Ling-Yu Duan, Jie Chen, Hongxun Yao, Tiejun Huang, Wen Gao
Embedding System Dynamics in Agent Based Models for Complex Adaptive Systems PDF
Maarika Teose, Kiyan Ahmadizadeh, Eoin O'Mahony, Rebecca L. Smith, Zhao Lu, Stephen P. Ellner, Carla Gomes, Yrjo Grohn

Best Paper Track

A Flat Histogram Method for Computing the Density of States of Combinatorial Problems PDF
Stefano Ermon, Carla Gomes, Bart Selman
Finite Model Computation via Answer Set Programming PDF
Martin Gebser, Orkunt Sabuncu, Torsten Schaub
Measuring the Good and the Bad in Inconsistent Information PDF
John Grant, Anthony Hunter
An On-Line Algorithm for Semantic Forgetting PDF
Heather Stephanie Packer, Nicholas Gibbins, Nicholas R Jennings
Connecting the Dots Between News Articles PDF
Dafna Shahaf, Carlos Guestrin
A Framework for Longitudinal Influence Measurement between Communication Content and Social Networks PDF
Shenghui Wang, Paul Groth

Doctoral Consortium

Behaviour Recognition in Smart Homes PDF
Sook-Ling Chua, Stephen Marsland, Hans W. Guesgen
Regret Minimization in Multiplayer Extensive Games PDF
Richard Geoffrey Gibson, Duane Szafron
Combinatorial Aggregation PDF
Umberto Grandi
Combining Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Prediction Problems to Improve Prediction Performance PDF
William Groves
A Decision-Theoretic Academic Advisor PDF
Joshua T. Guerin
Belief Revision on Computation Tree Logic PDF
Paulo T. Guerra, Renata Wassermann
Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems Related with Soft Arc Consistency PDF
Patricia Gutierrez, Pedro Meseguer
Human Behavior Analysis from Video Data Using Bag-of-Gestures PDF
Víctor Ponce López, Mario Gorga López, Xavier Baró Solé, Sergio Escalera Guerrero
Agent-Based Negotiation Teams PDF
Victor Sanchez-Anguix, Vicente Julian, Ana Garcia-Fornes