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Full Papers

Characterizing Audience Engagement and Assessing Its Impact on Social Media Disclosures of Mental Illnesses PDF
Sindhu Kiranmai Ernala, Tristan Labetoulle, Fred Bane, Michael L. Birnbaum, Asra F. Rizvi, John M. Kane, Munmun De Choudhury
Modeling Popularity in Asynchronous Social Media Streams with Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
Swapnil Mishra, Marian-Andrei Rizoiu, Lexing Xie
Network Structure, Efficiency, and Performance in WikiProjects PDF
Edward L. Platt, Daniel M Romero
Latent Structure in Collaboration: The Case of Reddit r/place PDF
Jérémie Rappaz, Michele Catasta, Robert West, Karl Aberer
Net Benefits: Digital Inequities in Social Capital, Privacy Preservation, and Digital Parenting Practices of U.S. Social Media Users PDF
Elissa M. Redmiles
“I’m Never Happy with What I Write”: Challenges and strategies of people with dyslexia on social media PDF
Lindsay Reynolds, Shamoei Wu
Media Bias Monitor: Quantifying Biases of Social Media News Outlets at Large-Scale PDF
Filipe N. Ribeiro, Lucas Henrique, Fabricio Benevenuto, Abhijnan Chakraborty, Juhi Kulshrestha, Mahmoudreza Babaei, Krishna P. Gummadi
#DebateNight: The Role and Influence of Socialbots on Twitter During the 1st 2016 U.S. Presidential Debate PDF
Marian-Andrei Rizoiu, Timothy Graham, Rui Zhang, Yifei Zhang, Robert Ackland, Lexing Xie
The Impact of Recipe Features, Social Cues and Demographics on Estimating the Healthiness of Online Recipes PDF
Markus Rokicki, Christoph Trattner, Eelco Herder
Perceptions of Censorship and Moderation Bias in Political Debate Forums PDF
Qinlan Shen, Michael Miller Yoder, Yohan Jo, Carolyn P. Rose
QDEE: Question Difficulty and Expertise Estimation in Community Question Answering Sites PDF
Jiankai Sun, Sobhan Moosavi, Rajiv Ramnath, Srinivasan Parthasarathy
Beyond Views: Measuring and Predicting Engagement in Online Videos PDF
Siqi Wu, Marian-Andrei Rizoiu, Lexing Xie

Dataset Papers

Online Petitioning Through Data Exploration and What We Found There: A Dataset of Petitions from PDF
Pablo Aragón, Diego Sáez-Trumper, Miriam Redi, Scott Hale, Vicenç Gómez, Andreas Kaltenbrunner
Follow the “Mastodon”: Structure and Evolution of a Decentralized Online Social Network PDF
Matteo Zignani, Sabrina Gaito, Gian Paolo Rossi

Poster Papers

From the User to the Medium: Neural Profiling Across Web Communities PDF
Mohammad Akbari, Kunal Relia, Anas Elghafari, Rumi Chunara
The Gender Gap in Wikipedia Talk Pages PDF
Benjamin Cabrera, Björn Ross, Marielle Dado, Maritta Heisel
$FAKE: Evidence of Spam and Bot Activity in Stock Microblogs on Twitter PDF
Stefano Cresci, Fabrizio Lillo, Daniele Regoli, Serena Tardelli, Maurizio Tesconi
Emotional Influence Prediction of News Posts PDF
Anastasia Giachanou, Paolo Rosso, Ida Mele, Fabio Crestani
Twits, Twats and Twaddle: Trends in Online Abuse towards UK Politicians PDF
Genevieve Gorrell, Mark A Greenwood, Ian Roberts, Diana Maynard, Kalina Bontcheva
Modeling and Visualizing Locus of Control with Facebook Language PDF
Kokil Jaidka, Anneke Buffone, Johannes Eichstaedt, Masoud Rouhizadeh, Lyle H. Ungar
On Group Popularity Prediction in Event-Based Social Networks PDF
Guangyu Li, Yong Liu, Bruno Ribeiro, Hao Ding
Mater Certa Est, Pater Numquam: What Can Facebook Advertising Data Tell Us about Male Fertility Rates? PDF
Francesco Rampazzo, Emilio Zagheni, Ingmar Weber, Maria Rita Testa, Francesco Billari
Characterizing and Detecting Hateful Users on Twitter PDF
Manoel Horta Ribeiro, Pedro H. Calais, Yuri A. Santos, Virgílio A. F. Almeida, Wagner Meira Jr.
Self-Representation on Twitter Using Emoji Skin Color Modifiers PDF
Alexander Robertson, Walid Magdy, Sharon Goldwater
"Bacon Bacon Bacon": Food-Related Tweets and Sentiment in Metro Detroit PDF
V. G. Vinod Vydiswaran, Daniel M. Romero, Xinyan Zhao, Deahan Yu, Iris Gomez-Lopez, Jin Xiu Lu, Bradley Iott, Ana Baylin, Philippa Clarke, Veronica Berrocal, Robert Goodspeed, Tiffany Veinot