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Full Papers

Hate Lingo: A Target-Based Linguistic Analysis of Hate Speech in Social Media PDF
Mai ElSherief, Vivek Kulkarni, Dana Nguyen, William Yang Wang, Elizabeth Belding
Peer to Peer Hate: Hate Speech Instigators and Their Targets PDF
Mai ElSherief, Shirin Nilizadeh, Dana Nguyen, Giovanni Vigna, Elizabeth Belding
Leveraging Quality Prediction Models for Automatic Writing Feedback PDF
Hamed Nilforoshan, Eugene Wu

Poster Papers

"Is This an STD? Please Help!": Online Information Seeking for Sexually Transmitted Diseases on Reddit PDF
Alicia L. Nobles, Caitlin N. Dreisbach, Jessica Keim-Malpass, Laura E. Barnes
Is the Sharing Economy About Sharing at All? A Linguistic Analysis of Airbnb Reviews PDF
Giovanni Quattrone, Serena Nicolazzo, Antonino Nocera, Daniele Quercia, Licia Capra
Bumper Stickers on the Twitter Highway: Analyzing the Speed and Substance of Profile Changes PDF
Ryan Wesslen, Sagar Nandu, Omar Eltayeby, Tiffany Gallicano, Sara Levens, Min Jiang, Samira Shaikh