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Full Papers

When Online Harassment Is Perceived as Justified PDF
Lindsay Blackwell, Tianying Chen, Sarita Schoenebeck, Cliff Lampe
Hate Lingo: A Target-Based Linguistic Analysis of Hate Speech in Social Media PDF
Mai ElSherief, Vivek Kulkarni, Dana Nguyen, William Yang Wang, Elizabeth Belding
Peer to Peer Hate: Hate Speech Instigators and Their Targets PDF
Mai ElSherief, Shirin Nilizadeh, Dana Nguyen, Giovanni Vigna, Elizabeth Belding
Characterizing Audience Engagement and Assessing Its Impact on Social Media Disclosures of Mental Illnesses PDF
Sindhu Kiranmai Ernala, Tristan Labetoulle, Fred Bane, Michael L. Birnbaum, Asra F. Rizvi, John M. Kane, Munmun De Choudhury
Reddit Rules! Characterizing an Ecosystem of Governance PDF
Casey Fiesler, Jialun "Aaron" Jiang, Joshua McCann, Kyle Frye, Jed R. Brubaker
Detecting Misflagged Duplicate Questions in Community Question-Answering Archives PDF
Doris Hoogeveen, Andrew Bennett, Yitong Li, Karin M. Verspoor, Timothy Baldwin
The Effect of Extremist Violence on Hateful Speech Online PDF
Alexandra Olteanu, Carlos Castillo, Jeremy Boy, Kush R. Varshney
Media Bias Monitor: Quantifying Biases of Social Media News Outlets at Large-Scale PDF
Filipe N. Ribeiro, Lucas Henrique, Fabricio Benevenuto, Abhijnan Chakraborty, Juhi Kulshrestha, Mahmoudreza Babaei, Krishna P. Gummadi
Distributed Knowledge in Crowds: Crowd Performance on Hidden Profile Tasks PDF
Yla Tausczik, Mark Boons
Understanding Web Archiving Services and Their (Mis)Use on Social Media PDF
Savvas Zannettou, Jeremy Blackburn, Emiliano De Cristofaro, Michael Sirivianos, Gianluca Stringhini

Dataset Papers

Large Scale Crowdsourcing and Characterization of Twitter Abusive Behavior PDF
Antigoni Maria Founta, Constantinos Djouvas, Despoina Chatzakou, Ilias Leontiadis, Jeremy Blackburn, Gianluca Stringhini, Athena Vakali, Michael Sirivianos, Nicolas Kourtellis
#Élysée2017fr: The 2017 French Presidential Campaign on Twitter PDF
Ophélie Fraisier, Guillaume Cabanac, Yoann Pitarch, Romaric Besançon, Mohand Boughanem

Poster Papers

EviDense: A Graph-Based Method for Finding Unique High-Impact Events with Succinct Keyword-Based Descriptions PDF
Oana Balalau, Carlos Castillo, Mauro Sozio
Opinion Context Extraction for Aspect Sentiment Analysis PDF
Anil Bandhakavi, Nirmalie Wiratunga, Stewart Massie, Rushi Luhar
Quantifying the Impact of Cognitive Biases in Question-Answering Systems PDF
Keith Burghardt, Tad Hogg, Kristina Lerman
Twits, Twats and Twaddle: Trends in Online Abuse towards UK Politicians PDF
Genevieve Gorrell, Mark A Greenwood, Ian Roberts, Diana Maynard, Kalina Bontcheva
Modeling and Visualizing Locus of Control with Facebook Language PDF
Kokil Jaidka, Anneke Buffone, Johannes Eichstaedt, Masoud Rouhizadeh, Lyle H. Ungar
Describing and Classifying Post-Mortem Content on Social Media PDF
Jialun "Aaron" Jiang, Jed R. Brubaker
Improving Tourism Prediction Models Using Climate and Social Media Data: A Fine-Grained Approach PDF
Amir Khatibi, Fabiano Belem, Ana P. Silva, Dennis Shasha, Jussara Federal University of Minas Gerais Almeida, Marcos A. Goncalves
"Is This an STD? Please Help!": Online Information Seeking for Sexually Transmitted Diseases on Reddit PDF
Alicia L. Nobles, Caitlin N. Dreisbach, Jessica Keim-Malpass, Laura E. Barnes
Mater Certa Est, Pater Numquam: What Can Facebook Advertising Data Tell Us about Male Fertility Rates? PDF
Francesco Rampazzo, Emilio Zagheni, Ingmar Weber, Maria Rita Testa, Francesco Billari
"Bacon Bacon Bacon": Food-Related Tweets and Sentiment in Metro Detroit PDF
V. G. Vinod Vydiswaran, Daniel M. Romero, Xinyan Zhao, Deahan Yu, Iris Gomez-Lopez, Jin Xiu Lu, Bradley Iott, Ana Baylin, Philippa Clarke, Veronica Berrocal, Robert Goodspeed, Tiffany Veinot
Does Reciprocal Gratefulness in Twitter Predict Neighborhood Safety?: Comparing 911 Calls Where Users Reside or Use Social Media PDF
Ann Marie White, Linxiao Bai, Christopher Homan, Melanie Funchess, Catherine Cerulli, Amen Ptah, Deepak Pandita, Henry Kautz