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Full Papers

Are You Charlie or Ahmed? Cultural Pluralism in Charlie Hebdo Response on Twitter PDF
Jisun An, Haewoon Kwak, Yelena Mejova, Sonia Alonso Saenz De Oger, Braulio Gomez Fortes
Understanding Communities via Hashtag Engagement: A Clustering Based Approach PDF
Orianna DeMasi, Douglas Mason, Jeff Ma
Investigating the Observability of Complex Contagion in Empirical Social Networks PDF
Clay Fink, Aurora C. Schmidt, Vladimir Barash, John Kelly, Christopher Cameron, Michael Macy
Sentiment-Based Topic Suggestion for Micro-Reviews PDF
Ziyu Lu, Nikos Mamoulis, Evaggelia Pitoura, Panayiotis Tsaparas
Identifying Platform Effects in Social Media Data PDF
Momin M. Malik, Jürgen Pfeffer
Fetishizing Food in Digital Age: #foodporn Around the World PDF
Yelena Mejova, Sofiane Abbar, Hamed Haddadi
“Blissfully Happy” or “Ready toFight”: Varying Interpretations of Emoji PDF
Hannah Jean Miller, Jacob Thebault-Spieker, Shuo Chang, Isaac Johnson, Loren Terveen, Brent Hecht
Understanding Anti-Vaccination Attitudes in Social Media PDF
Tanushree Mitra, Scott Counts, James W. Pennebaker
Power of Earned Advertising on Social Network Services: A Case Study of Friend Tagging on Facebook PDF
Jaimie Yejean Park, Yunkyu Sohn, Sue Moon
Networks of Gratitude: Structures of Thanks and User Expectations in Workplace Appreciation Systems PDF
Emma S. Spiro, J. Nathan Matias, Andres Monroy-Hernandez
Aligning Popularity and Quality in Online Cultural Markets PDF
Pascal Van Hentenryck, Andrés Abeliuk, Franco Berbeglia, Felipe Maldonado, Gerardo Berbeglia
Theme-Relevant Truth Discovery on Twitter: An Estimation Theoretic Approach PDF
Dong Wang, Jermaine Marshall, Chao Huang
Predicting Perceived Brand Personality with Social Media PDF
Anbang Xu, Haibin Liu, Liang Gou, Rama Akkiraju, Jalal Mahmud, Vibha Sinha, Yuheng Hu, Mu Qiao
#PrayForDad: Learning the Semantics Behind Why Social Media Users Disclose Health Information PDF
Zhijun Yin, You Chen, Daniel Fabbri, Jimeng Sun, Bradley Malin

Poster Papers

Detection of Promoted Social Media Campaigns PDF
Emilio Ferrara, Onur Varol, Filippo Menczer, Alessandro Flammini
Using Organizational Social Networks to Predict Employee Engagement PDF
Shion Guha, Michael Muller, N Sadat Shami, Mikhil Masli, Werner Geyer
Privacy Preference Inference via Collaborative Filtering PDF
Taraneh Khazaei, Lu Xiao, Robert E. Mercer, Atif Khan
You Are What Apps You Use: Demographic Prediction Based on User's Apps PDF
Eric Malmi, Ingmar Weber
Tweeting the Mind and Instagramming the Heart: Exploring Differentiated Content Sharing on Social Media PDF
Lydia Manikonda, Venkata Vamsikrishna Meduri, Subbarao Kambhampati
Predicting Group Success in Meetup PDF
Soumajit Pramanik, Midhun Gundapuneni, Sayan Pathak, Bivas Mitra
Analyzing the Targets of Hate in Online Social Media PDF
Leandro Silva, Mainack Mondal, Denzil Correa, Fabrício Benevenuto, Ingmar Weber
Comparing Overall and Targeted Sentiments in Social Media during Crises PDF
Saul Vargas, Richard McCreadie, Craig Macdonald, Iadh Ounis
Understanding Cognitive Styles from User-Generated Social Media Content PDF
Yi Wang, Jalal Mahmud, Taikun Liu
InsightMe: Raising Awareness of Conveyed Personality in Social Media Traces PDF
Bin Xu, Liang Gou, Anbang Xu, Dan Cosley, Jalal Mahmud

W1: CityLab

If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time: Spatio-Temporal Footprints of Spending at Sports Events on Foursquare PDF
Desislava Hristova, David Liben-Nowell, Anastasios Noulas, Cecilia Mascolo

W4: Wiki Workshop

Graph-Based Breaking News Detection on Wikipedia PDF
Ana Freire, Matteo Manca, Diego Saez-Trumper, David Laniado, Ilaria Bordino, Francesco Gullo, Andreas Kaltenbrunner
In Wikipedia We Trust: A Case Study — Extended Abstract PDF
Arpit Merchant, Darshit Shah, Navjyoti Singh

W7: Social Media in the Newsroom

Information Laundering and Counter-Publics: The News Sources of Islamophobic Groups on Twitter PDF
Cornelius Puschmann, Julian Ausserhofer, Noura Maan, Markus Hametner

W8: Social Web for Environmental and Ecological Monitoring

Model Driven Development of Social Media Environmental Monitoring Applications PDF
Marco Brambilla, Andrea Mauri, Eric Umuhoza
Reducing the Intrusiveness of Energy and Water End-Use Disaggregation via Social Media and Users Interactions PDF
Matteo Giuliani, Jacopo Mossina