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Full Papers

Are You Charlie or Ahmed? Cultural Pluralism in Charlie Hebdo Response on Twitter PDF
Jisun An, Haewoon Kwak, Yelena Mejova, Sonia Alonso Saenz De Oger, Braulio Gomez Fortes
When a Movement Becomes a Party: Computational Assessment of New Forms of Political Organization in Social Media PDF
Pablo Aragón, Yana Volkovich, David Laniado, Andreas Kaltenbrunner
On the Behaviour of Deviant Communities in Online Social Networks PDF
Mauro Coletto, Luca Maria Aiello, Claudio Lucchese, Fabrizio Silvestri
Emotions, Demographics and Sociability in Twitter Interactions PDF
Kristina Lerman, Megha Arora, Luciano Gallegos, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, David Garcia
Fetishizing Food in Digital Age: #foodporn Around the World PDF
Yelena Mejova, Sofiane Abbar, Hamed Haddadi
User Migration in Online Social Networks: A Case Study on Reddit During a Period of Community Unrest PDF
Edward Newell, David Jurgens, Haji Mohammad Saleem, Hardik Vala, Jad Sassine, Caitrin Armstrong, Derek Ruths
Twitter's Glass Ceiling: The Effect of Perceived Gender on Online Visibility PDF
Shirin Nilizadeh, Anne Groggel, Peter Lista, Srijita Das, Yong-Yeol Ahn, Apu Kapadia, Fabio Rojas
The Emotional and Chromatic Layers of Urban Smells PDF
Daniele Quercia, Luca Maria Aiello, Rossano Schifanella
Power Imbalance and Rating Systems PDF
Bogdan State, Bruno Abrahao, Karen Cook
Lost in Propagation? Unfolding News Cycles from the Source PDF
Chenhao Tan, Adrien Friggeri, Lada Adamic
Aligning Popularity and Quality in Online Cultural Markets PDF
Pascal Van Hentenryck, Andrés Abeliuk, Franco Berbeglia, Felipe Maldonado, Gerardo Berbeglia
Predicting Perceived Brand Personality with Social Media PDF
Anbang Xu, Haibin Liu, Liang Gou, Rama Akkiraju, Jalal Mahmud, Vibha Sinha, Yuheng Hu, Mu Qiao

Poster Papers

Tweets and Votes: A Four-Country Comparison of Volumetric and Sentiment Analysis Approaches PDF
Saifuddin Ahmed, Kokil Jaidka, Marko M Skoric
Automatic Summarization of Real World Events Using Twitter PDF
Nasser Alsaedi, Pete Burnap, Omer Rana
Sensing Real-World Events Using Arabic Twitter Posts PDF
Nasser Alsaedi, Pete Burnap, Omer Rana
Topic Modeling in Twitter: Aggregating Tweets by Conversations PDF
David Alvarez-Melis, Martin Saveski
#greysanatomy vs. #yankees: Demographics and Hashtag Use on Twitter PDF
Jisun An, Ingmar Weber
Targeted Interest-Driven Advertising in Cities Using Twitter PDF
Aris Anagnostopoulos, Fabio Petroni, Mara Sorella
On the Correlation between Topic and User Behaviour in Online Communities PDF
Erik Aumayr, Conor Hayes
Motivational Determinants of Participation Trajectories in Wikipedia PDF
Martina Balestra, Ofer Arazy, Coye Cheshire, Oded Nov
Expertise in Social Networks: How Do Experts Differ from Other Users? PDF Erratum
Benjamin D. Horne, Dorit Nevo, Jesse Freitas, Heng Ji, Sibel Adali
Two Tales of the World: Comparison of Widely Used World News Datasets GDELT and EventRegistry PDF
Haewoon Kwak, Jisun An
What’s in a Like? Motivations for Pressing the Like Button PDF
Ana Levordashka, Sonja Utz, Renee Ambros
Temporal Opinion Spam Detection by Multivariate Indicative Signals PDF
Junting Ye, Santhosh Kumar, Leman Akoglu

Demonstration Papers

Visualization Tool for Collective Awareness in a Platform of Citizen Proposals PDF
Pablo Aragón, Vicenç Gómez, Andreas Kaltenbrunner
iFeel 2.0: A Multilingual Benchmarking System for Sentence-Level Sentiment Analysis PDF
Matheus Lima Diniz Araujo, João Paulo Diniz, Lucas Bastos, Elias Soares, Manoel Junior, Miller Ferreira, Filipe Ribeiro, Fabrício Benevenuto

W1: CityLab

Studying Multicultural Diversity of Cities and Neighborhoods through Social Media Language Detection PDF
Michela Arnaboldi, Marco Brambilla, Beatrice Cassottana, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Davide Ripamonti, Simone Vantini, Riccardo Volonterio

W4: Wiki Workshop

Wikipedia Knowledge Graph with DeepDive PDF
Thomas Palomares, Youssef Ahres, Juhana Kangaspunta, Christopher Ré

W6: News and Public Opinion

Revealing the Hidden Patterns of News Photos: Analysis of Millions of News Photos through GDELT and Deep Learning-based Vision APIs PDF
Haewoon Kwak, Jisun An

W7: Social Media in the Newsroom

Information Laundering and Counter-Publics: The News Sources of Islamophobic Groups on Twitter PDF
Cornelius Puschmann, Julian Ausserhofer, Noura Maan, Markus Hametner

W8: Social Web for Environmental and Ecological Monitoring

Using Twitter to Understand Public Interest in Climate Change: The Case of Qatar PDF
Sofiane Abbar, Tahar Zanouda, Laure Berti-Equille, Javier Borge-Holthoefer
Climate Change Engagement: Results of a Multi-Task Game with a Purpose PDF
Lara Piccolo, Miriam Fernandez, Harith Alani, Arno Scharl, Michael Föls, David Herring
Please Sign to Save... : How Online Environmental Petitions Succeed PDF
Julia Proskurnia, Karl Aberer, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux