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Full Papers

Write Like I Write: Herding in the Language of Online Reviews PDF
Loizos Michael, Jahna Otterbacher
CrisisLex: A Lexicon for Collecting and Filtering Microblogged Communications in Crises PDF
Alexandra Olteanu, Carlos Castillo, Fernando Diaz, Sarah Vieweg
Of Pins and Tweets: Investigating How Users Behave Across Image- and Text-Based Social Networks PDF
Raphael Ottoni, Diego Las Casas, João Paulo Pesce, Wagner Meira Jr., Christo Wilson, Alan Mislove, Virgilio Almeida

Poster Papers

Summarizing Newspaper Comments PDF
Clare Llewellyn, Claire Grover, Jon Oberlander
Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for Breaking News: Is There a Winner? PDF
Miles Osborne, Mark Dredze

Demo Papers

Magnet News: You Choose the Polarity of What You Read PDF
Julio Cesar Soares dos Reis, Pollyanna Gonçalves, Pedro Olmo, Raquel Prates, Fabrício Benevenuto