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Full Papers

Get Back! You Don’t Know Me Like That: The Social Mediation of Fact Checking Interventions in Twitter Conversations PDF
Aniko Hannak, Drew Margolin, Brian Keegan, Ingmar Weber
A Tale of Cities: Urban Biases in Volunteered Geographic Information PDF
Brent Hecht, Monica Stephens
Keep Your Friends Close and Your Facebook Friends Closer: A Multiplex Network Approach to the Analysis of Offline and Online Social Ties PDF
Desislava Hristova, Mirco Musolesi, Cecilia Mascolo
VADER: A Parsimonious Rule-Based Model for Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Text PDF
C. J. Hutto, Eric Gilbert
Network Weirdness: Exploring the Origins of Network Paradoxes PDF
Farshad Kooti, Nathan O. Hodas, Kristina Lerman
Efficient Filtering on Hidden Document Streams PDF
Eduardo J. Ruiz, Vagelis Hristidis, Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis
User-Created Groups in Health Forums: What Makes Them Special? PDF
V. G. Vinod Vydiswaran, Yang Liu, Kai Zheng, David A. Hanauer, Qiaozhu Mei

Poster Papers

Measuring Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Twitter PDF
Glen Coppersmith, Craig Harman, Mark Dredze
Finding Users we Trust: Scaling up Verified Twitter Users Using their Communication Patterns PDF
Martin Hentschel, Omar Alonso, Scott Counts, Vasileios Kandylas
What We Instagram: A First Analysis of Instagram Photo Content and User Types PDF
Yuheng Hu, Lydia Manikonda, Subbarao Kambhampati
School Bullying in Twitter and Weibo: A Comparative Study PDF
Jun-Ming Xu, Hsun-Chih Huang, Amy Bellmore, Xiaojin Zhu
WeDo: End-To-End Computer Supported Collective Action PDF
Haoqi Zhang, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Aaron Shaw, Sean A Munson, Elizabeth Gerber, Benjamin Mako Hill, Peter Kinnaird, Shelly D Farnham, Patrick Minder

Demo Papers

Traveling Path Recommendation Using Temporal Transit Patterns PDF
Hsun-Ping Hsieh, Cheng-Te Li