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Full Papers

Memory-Efficient Fast Shortest Path Estimation in Large Social Networks PDF
Volodymyr Floreskul, Konstantin Tretyakov, Marlon Dumas
Rumor Cascades PDF
Adrien Friggeri, Lada Adamic, Dean Eckles, Justin Cheng
"Our Grief is Unspeakable'': Automatically Measuring the Community Impact of a Tragedy PDF
Kimberly Glasgow, Clayton Fink, Jordan Boyd-Graber
On Understanding the Divergence of Online Social Group Discussion PDF
Hemant Purohit, Yiye Ruan, David Fuhry, Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Amit Sheth

Poster Papers

Topical Engagement on Twitter: Using Consistency of Activity as a Means of User Segmentation PDF
Aurora Schmidt, Clay Fink, Nathan Bos
WeDo: End-To-End Computer Supported Collective Action PDF
Haoqi Zhang, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Aaron Shaw, Sean A Munson, Elizabeth Gerber, Benjamin Mako Hill, Peter Kinnaird, Shelly D Farnham, Patrick Minder