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Full Papers

Rating Friends Without Making Enemies PDF
Lada A. Adamic, Debra Lauterbach, Chun-Yuen Teng, Mark Ackerman
Trust Amongst Rogues? A Hypergraph Approach for Comparing Clandestine Trust Networks in MMOGs PDF
Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad, Brian Keegan, Dmitri Williams, Jaideep Srivastava, Noshir Contractor
Media Landscape in Twitter: A World of New Conventions and Political Diversity PDF
Jisun An, Meeyoung Cha, Krishna Gummadi, Jon Crowcroft
Reconstruction of Threaded Conversations in Online Discussion Forums PDF
Erik Aumayr, Jeffrey Chan, Conor Hayes
Center of Attention: How Facebook Users Allocate Attention across Friends PDF
Lars Backstrom, Eytan Bakshy, Jon M. Kleinberg, Thomas M. Lento, Itamar Rosenn
Insights into Internet Memes PDF
Christian Bauckhage
4chan and /b/: An Analysis of Anonymity and Ephemerality in a Large Online Community PDF
Michael Scott Bernstein, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Drew Harry, Paul André, Katrina Panovich, Greg Vargas
Two Paths of Glory — Structural Positions and Trajectories of Websites within Their Topical Territory PDF
Dominique Cardon, Guilhem Fouetillou, Camille Roth
Event Summarization Using Tweets PDF
Deepayan Chakrabarti, Kunal Punera
Location3: How Users Share and Respond to Location-Based Data on Social PDF
Jonathan Chang, Eric Sun
Exploring Millions of Footprints in Location Sharing Services PDF
Zhiyuan Cheng, James Caverlee, Kyumin Lee, Daniel Z. Sui
Political Polarization on Twitter PDF
Michael D. Conover, Jacob Ratkiewicz, Matthew Francisco, Bruno Goncalves, Filippo Menczer, Alessandro Flammini
Taking It All In? Visual Attention in Microblog Consumption PDF
Scott Counts, Kristie Fisher
Timing Tweets to Increase Effectiveness of Information Campaigns PDF
Onkar Dabeer, Prachi Mehendale, Aditya Karnik, Atul Saroop
Social Lens: Personalization Around User Defined Collections for Filtering Enterprise Message Streams PDF
Elizabeth M. Daly, Michael Muller, Liang Gou, David R. Millen
Modelling Action Cascades in Social Networks PDF
Kushal Shailesh Dave, Rushi Bhatt, Vasudeva Varma
Find Me the Right Content! Diversity-Based Sampling of Social Media Spaces for Topic-Centric Search PDF
Munmun De Choudhury, Scott Counts, Mary Czerwinski
Latent Set Models for Two-Mode Network Data PDF
Christopher DuBois, James Foulds, Padhraic Smyth
Can the Ambiance of a Place be Determined by the User Profiles of the People Who Visit It? PDF
Lindsay T. Graham, Samuel D. Gosling
Escaping Information Poverty through Internet Newsgroups PDF
Laura Hasler, Ian Ruthven
Searching Twitter: Separating the Tweet from the Chaff PDF
Jonathan Hurlock, Max L. Wilson
Dimensions of Self-Expression in Facebook Status Updates PDF
Adam D. I. Kramer, Cindy K. Chung
When the Wikipedians Talk: Network and Tree Structure of Wikipedia Discussion Pages PDF
David Laniado, Riccardo Tasso, Yana Volkovich, Andreas Kaltenbrunner
Seven Months with the Devils: A Long-Term Study of Content Polluters on Twitter PDF
Kyumin Lee, Brian David Eoff, James Caverlee
More Voices Than Ever? Quantifying Media Bias in Networks PDF
Yu-Ru Lin, James P. Bagrow, David Lazer
The Party Is Over Here: Structure and Content in the 2010 Election PDF
Avishay Livne, Matthew Simmons, Eytan Adar, Lada Adamic
Why do People Retweet? Anti-Homophily Wins the Day! PDF
Sofus A. Macskassy, Matthew Michelson
Task Specialization in Social Production Communities: The Case of Geographic Volunteer Work PDF
Mikhil N. Masli, Reid Priedhorsky, Loren Terveen
Extracting Meta Statements from the Blogosphere PDF
Filipe Mesquita, Denilson Barbosa
The Prevalence of Political Discourse in Non-Political Blogs PDF
Sean A. Munson, Paul Resnick
Exploiting User Interest on Social Media for Aggregating Diverse Data and Predicting Interest PDF
Nozomi Nori, Danushka Bollegala, Mitsuru Ishizuka
Technology-Mediated Citizen Science Participation: A Motivational Model PDF
Oded Nov, Ofer Arazy, David Anderson
What's in a @name? How Name Value Biases Judgment of Microblog Authors PDF
Aditya Pal, Scott Counts
You Are What You Tweet: Analyzing Twitter for Public Health PDF
Michael J. Paul, Mark Dredze
Generate Adjective Sentiment Dictionary for Social Media Sentiment Analysis Using Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization PDF
Wei Peng, Dae Hoon Park
A Machine Learning Approach to Twitter User Classification PDF
Marco Pennacchiotti, Ana-Maria Popescu
The Effect of Mobile Platforms on Twitter Content Generation PDF
Mathieu Perreault, Derek Ruths
Detecting and Tracking Political Abuse in Social Media PDF
Jacob Ratkiewicz, Michael D. Conover, Mark Meiss, Bruno Goncalves, Alessandro Flammini, Filippo Menczer Menczer
How Does Social Capital Affect Retweets? PDF
Raquel Recuero, Ricardo Araujo, Gabriela Zago
Scalable Event-Based Clustering of Social Media Via Record Linkage Techniques PDF
Timo Reuter, Philipp Cimiano, Lucas Drumond, Krisztian Buza, Lars Schmidt-Thieme
An Assessment of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Task Performance in Crowdsourcing Markets PDF
Jakob Rogstadius, Vassilis Kostakos, Aniket Kittur, Boris Smus, Jim Laredo, Maja Vukovic
Socio-Spatial Properties of Online Location-Based Social Networks PDF
Salvatore Scellato, Anastasios Noulas, Renaud Lambiotte, Cecilia Mascolo
Just a Click Away: Social Search and Metadata in Predicting File Discovery PDF
N. Sadat Shami, Michael Muller, David Millen
Differential Adaptive Diffusion: Understanding Diversity and Learning whom to Trust in Viral Marketing PDF
Hossam Sharara, William Rand, Lise Getoor
Memes Online: Extracted, Subtracted, Injected, and Recollected PDF
Matthew P. Simmons, Lada A. Adamic, Eytan Adar
Participation Maximization Based on Social Influence in Online Discussion Forums PDF
Tao Sun, Wei Chen, Zhenming Liu, Yajun Wang, Xiaorui Sun, Ming Zhang, Chin-Yew Lin
Diversity Measurement of Recommender Systems under Different User Choice Models PDF
Zoltán Szlávik, Wojtek Kowalczyk, Martijn Schut
What Stops Social Epidemics? PDF
Greg Ver Steeg, Rumi Ghosh, Kristina Lerman
Natural Language Processing to the Rescue? Extracting "Situational Awareness" Tweets During Mass Emergency PDF
Sudha Verma, Sarah Vieweg, William J. Corvey, Leysia Palen, James H. Martin, Martha Palmer, Aaron Schram, Kenneth M. Anderson
Identifying Representative Textual Sources in Blog Networks PDF
Karen Wade, Derek Greene, Conrad Lee, Daniel Archambault, Pádraig Cunningham
Event Detection in Twitter PDF
Jianshu Weng, Bu-Sung Lee
Culture Matters: A Survey Study of Social Q&A Behavior PDF
Jiang Yang, Meredith Ringel Morris, Jaime Teevan, Lada A. Adamic, Mark S. Ackerman
Classifying the Political Leaning of News Articles and Users from User Votes PDF
Daniel Xiaodan Zhou, Paul Resnick, Qiaozhu Mei

Poster Papers

Prominence Ranking in Graphs with Community Structure PDF
Sibel Adali, Xiaohui Lu, Malik Magdon-Ismail, Jonathan Purnell
Improving Text Clustering with Social Tagging PDF
M. Eduardo Ares, Javier Parapar, Álvaro Barreiro
Trends in Social Media: Persistence and Decay PDF
Sitaram Asur, Bernardo A. Huberman, Gabor Szabo, Chunyan Wang
Beyond Trending Topics: Real-World Event Identification on Twitter PDF
Hila Becker, Mor Naaman, Luis Gravano
Selecting Quality Twitter Content for Events PDF
Hila Becker, Mor Naaman, Luis Gravano
You Are Known by How You Vlog: Personality Impressions and Nonverbal Behavior in YouTube PDF
Joan-Isaac Biel, Oya Aran, Daniel Gatica-Perez
Modeling Public Mood and Emotion: Twitter Sentiment and Socio-Economic Phenomena PDF
Johan Bollen, Huina Mao, Alberto Pepe
Facebook Use and Social Capital — A Longitudinal Study PDF
Petter Bae Brandtzæg, Oded Nov
Who Should I Follow? Recommending People in Directed Social Networks PDF
Michael J. Brzozowski, Daniel M. Romero
A Bootstrapping Approach to Identifying Relevant Tweets for Social TV PDF
Ovidiu Dan, Junlan Feng, Brian D. Davison
Analyzing Political Trends in the Blogosphere PDF
Gianluca Demartini, Stefan Siersdorfer, Sergiu Chelaru, Wolfgang Nejdl
Using the H-Index to Estimate Blog Authority PDF
José Devezas, Sérgio Nunes, Cristina Ribeiro
Divided They Tweet: The Network Structure of Political Microbloggers and Discussion Topics PDF
Albert Feller, Matthias Kuhnert, Timm O. Sprenger, Isabell M. Welpe
Automatic Group-Interactive Radio Using Social-Networks of Musicians PDF
Ben Fields, Christophe Rhodes, Mark d'Inverno
Creating Conversations: An Automated Dialog System PDF
Lisa Gandy, Kristian Hammond
Large-Scale Community Detection on YouTube for Topic Discovery and Exploration PDF
Ullas Gargi, Wenjun Lu, Vahab Mirrokni, Sangho Yoon
Limits of Electoral Predictions Using Twitter PDF
Daniel Gayo-Avello, Panagiotis Takis Metaxas, Eni Mustafaraj
Trust, Reputation and the Small Firm: Building Online Brand Reputation for SMEs PDF
Barbara Gligorijevic, Benjamin Leong
Automatically Identifying Groups Based on Content and Collective Behavioral Patterns of Group Members PDF
Michelle Gregory, Dave W. Engel, Eric Bell, Andy Piatt, Scott Dowson, Andrew Cowell
Characterizing Social Relations Via NLP-Based Sentiment Analysis PDF
Georg Groh, Jan Hauffa
Exploring Text Virality in Social Networks PDF
Marco Guerini, Carlo Strapparava, Gozde Ozbal
Mapping the Political Twitterverse: Candidates and Their Followers in the Midterms PDF
Alexander Hanna, Ben Sayre, Leticia Bode, JungHwan Yang, Dhavan Shah
Relevance Modeling for Microblog Summarization PDF
Sanda Harabagiu, Andrew Hickl
Language Matters In Twitter: A Large Scale Study PDF
Lichan Hong, Gregorio Convertino, Ed H. Chi
Identifying Users Across Social Tagging Systems PDF
Tereza Iofciu, Peter Fankhauser, Fabian Abel, Kerstin Bischoff
Structure and Reciprocity in Technology-Centered Q&A Communities PDF
Ming Jiang, Tao Dong, Yung-Ju Chang
Supervised Topic Segmentation of Email Conversations PDF
Shafiq Joty, Giuseppe Carenini, Gabriel Murray, Raymond T Ng
Summarizing User-Contributed Comments PDF
Elham Khabiri, James Caverlee, Chiao-Fang Hsu
Twitter Sentiment Analysis: The Good the Bad and the OMG! PDF
Efthymios Kouloumpis, Theresa Wilson, Johanna Moore
Using Twitter to Detect and Tag Important Events in Sports Media PDF
James Lanagan, Alan F. Smeaton
Exploring Feature Definition and Selection for Sentiment Classifiers PDF
Yelena Mejova, Padmini Srinivasan
Sentiment Flow Through Hyperlink Networks PDF
Mahalia Miller, Conal Sathi, Daniel Wiesenthal, Jure Leskovec, Christopher Potts
Understanding the Demographics of Twitter Users PDF
Alan Mislove, Sune Lehmann, Yong-Yeol Ahn, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, J. Niels Rosenquist
LeadLag LDA: Estimating Topic Specific Leads and Lags of Information Outlets PDF
Ramesh Maruthi Nallapati, Xiaolin Shi, Daniel McFarland, Jure Leskovec, Daniel Jurafsky
Information Propagation on the Web: Data Extraction, Modeling and Simulation PDF
François Nel, Marie-Jeanne Lesot, Thomas Delavallade, Philippe Capet
Towards Discovery of Influence and Personality Traits through Social Link Prediction PDF
Thin Nguyen, Dinh Phung, Brett Adams, Svetha Venkatesh
An Empirical Study of Geographic User Activity Patterns in Foursquare PDF
Anastasios Noulas, Salvatore Scellato, Cecilia Mascolo, Massimiliano Pontil
Connecting Mutually Influencing Bloggers PDF
Aditya Pal, Jaya Kawale
Is Twitter a Good Place for Asking Questions? A Characterization Study PDF
Sharoda A. Paul, Lichan Hong, Ed H. Chi
Unearthing People from the SaND: Relationship Discovery with Social Media in the Enterprise PDF
Adam Perer, Ido Guy, Erel Uziel, Inbal Ronen, Michal Jacovi
RT to Win! Predicting Message Propagation in Twitter PDF
Sasa Petrovic, Miles Osborne, Victor Lavrenko
Methods to Determine Node Centrality and Clustering in Graphs with Uncertain Structure PDF
Joseph John Pfeiffer, Jennifer Neville
“Dancing with the Stars,” NBA Games, Politics: An Exploration of Twitter Users’ Response to Events PDF
Ana-Maria Popescu, Marco Pennacchiotti
Hierarchical Bayesian Models for Latent Attribute Detection in Social Media PDF
Delip Rao, Michael Paul, Clay Fink, David Yarowsky, Timothy Oates, Glen Coppersmith
Describing the Web in less than 140 Characters PDF
Stéphane Raux, Nils Grünwald, Christophe Prieur
Maintaining Ties on Social Media Sites: The Competing Effects of Balance, Exchange, and Betweenness PDF
Daniel Mauricio Romero, Brendan Meeder, Vladimir Barash, Jon Kleinberg
High Correlation between Incoming and Outgoing Activity: A Distinctive Property of Online Social Networks? PDF
Diego Saez-Trumper, David Nettleton, Ricardo Baeza-Yates
Using Network Structure to Identify Groups in Virtual Worlds PDF
Fahad Shah, Gita Reese Sukthankar
Viral Actions: Predicting Video View Counts Using Synchronous Sharing Behaviors PDF
David A. Shamma, Jude Yew, Lyndon Kennedy, Elizabeth F. Churchill
Personalized Landmark Recommendation Based on Geotags from Photo Sharing Sites PDF
Yue Shi, Pavel Serdyukov, Alan Hanjalic, Martha Larson
MODEC — Modeling and Detecting Evolutions of Communities PDF
Mansoureh Takaffoli, Farzad Sangi, Justin Fagnan, Osmar R. Zaiane
Factors Affecting Response Quantity, Quality, and Speed for Questions Asked Via Social Network Status Messages PDF
Jaime Teevan, Meredith Ringel Morris, Katrina Panovich
Social Influence, Popularity and Interestingness of Online Contents PDF
Hang Maxime Ung
An Optimized Web Feed Aggregation Approach for Generic Feed Types PDF
David Urbansky, Sandro Reichert, Klemens Muthmann, Daniel Schuster, Alexander Schill
Future Link Prediction in the Blogosphere for Recommendation PDF
Shanchan Wu, Louiqa Raschid, William Rand
Does Bad News Go Away Faster? PDF
Shaomei Wu, Chenhao Tan, Jon Kleinberg, Michael Walton Macy
Tracking Visual Memes in Rich-Media Social Communities PDF
Lexing Xie, Apostol Natsev, John R. Kender, Matthew Hill, John R. Smith

Demonstration Papers

Automatic Identification and Presentation of Twitter Content for Planned Events PDF
Hila Becker, Feiyang Chen, Dan Iter, Mor Naaman, Luis Gravano
Digital Diasporas Atlas Exploration and Cartography of Diasporas in Digital Networks PDF
Dana Diminescu, Renault Matthieu, Bourgeois Mehdi, Mathieu Jacomy
Making Project Team Recommendations from Online Information Sources PDF
Charles C. Earl, Amos Johnson, Kaakpema Yelpaala, Travis Good
TweetTracker: An Analysis Tool for Humanitarian and Disaster Relief PDF
Shamanth Kumar, Geoffrey Barbier, Mohammad Ali Abbasi, Huan Liu Leveraging Crowd Wisdom in a Stock Microblogging Forum PDF
Timm Oliver Sprenger
Areca: Online Comparison of Research Results PDF
David Urbansky, Klemens Muthmann, Lars Kreisz, Alexander Schill

Workshop on the Future of the Social Web

How Bad Do You Spell?: The Lexical Quality of Social Media PDF
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Luz Rello
Brazilian Digital Culture Forum: A New Way of Making Public Policies PDF
Aline Carvalho, Adilson Cabral
Social Mechanics: An Empirically Grounded Science of Social Media PDF
Kristina Lerman, Aram Galstyan, Greg Ver Steeg, Tad Hogg
Mapping Information Flows on Twitter PDF
Gilad Lotan
GlobalIdentifier: Unexpected Personal Social Content with Data on the Web PDF
Sharon Paradesi, Fuming Shih

Workshop on Social Innovation and Social Media

Social Innovation Meets Social Media: A Framework Proposal PDF
Ricard Ruiz de Querol, Karolin Kappler, Andreas Kaltenbrunner, Yana Volkovich, David Laniado
Beyond Financial Support: Helping Citizens in Welfare Programs PDF
Nathalie Colineau, Cecile Paris
Retweet Reputation: A Bias-Free Evaluation Method for Tweeted Contents PDF
Shino Fujiki, Hiroya Yano, Takashi Fukuda, Hayato Yamana
Community Engagement through Social Media PDF
R. Jayakanthan
Social Media Revisited. User Generated Content as a Social Innovation for eInclusion PDF
Christoph Kaletka, Ralf Kopp, Bastian Pelka
Structuring E-Brainstorming to Better Support Innovation Processes PDF
Lorea Lorenzo, Osane Lizarralde, Igor Santos, Alexandre Passant
Information Markets for Social Participation in Public Policy Design and Implementation PDF
Gregoris Mentzas, Dimitris Apostolou, Efthimios Bothos, Babis Magoutas
Social Media for Social Innovation. Towards a Multi-Layered Analytic Framework PDF
Elena Pavan, Mario Diani, Claudia Padovani

Workshop on the Social Mobile Web

How Can You Not Be on Facebook?! A Digital Etnographic Exploratory Study of Portuguese Users PDF
Paula Cordeiro
Modeling the Detection of Textual Cyberbullying PDF
Karthik Dinakar, Roi Reichart, Henry Lieberman
Measuring User Influence on Twitter Using Modified K-Shell Decomposition PDF
Phil E. Brown, Junlan Feng
Asked and Answered: On Qualities and Quantities of Answers in Online Q&A Sites PDF
John Logie, Joseph Weinberg, F. Maxwell Harper, Joseph A. Konstan
Exploiting Semantic Annotations for Clustering Geographic Areas and Users in Location-based Social Networks PDF
Anastasios Noulas, Salvatore Scellato, Cecilia Mascolo, Massimiliano Pontil
Sensing Urban Social Geography Using Online Social Networking Data PDF
Santi Phithakkitnukoon
Using Hierarchical Community Structure to Improve Community-Based Message Routing PDF
Matthew Stabeler, Conrad Lee, Graham Williamson, Pádraig Cunningham
Marketing Ecosystem: The Dynamics of Twitter, TV Advertising, and Customer Acquisition PDF
Hikaru Yamamoto, Naohiro Matsumura