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Full Papers

Rating Friends Without Making Enemies PDF
Lada A. Adamic, Debra Lauterbach, Chun-Yuen Teng, Mark Ackerman
When the Wikipedians Talk: Network and Tree Structure of Wikipedia Discussion Pages PDF
David Laniado, Riccardo Tasso, Yana Volkovich, Andreas Kaltenbrunner
Task Specialization in Social Production Communities: The Case of Geographic Volunteer Work PDF
Mikhil N. Masli, Reid Priedhorsky, Loren Terveen
Culture Matters: A Survey Study of Social Q&A Behavior PDF
Jiang Yang, Meredith Ringel Morris, Jaime Teevan, Lada A. Adamic, Mark S. Ackerman

Poster Papers

MODEC — Modeling and Detecting Evolutions of Communities PDF
Mansoureh Takaffoli, Farzad Sangi, Justin Fagnan, Osmar R. Zaiane
Factors Affecting Response Quantity, Quality, and Speed for Questions Asked Via Social Network Status Messages PDF
Jaime Teevan, Meredith Ringel Morris, Katrina Panovich
Does Bad News Go Away Faster? PDF
Shaomei Wu, Chenhao Tan, Jon Kleinberg, Michael Walton Macy