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Full Papers

Center of Attention: How Facebook Users Allocate Attention across Friends PDF
Lars Backstrom, Eytan Bakshy, Jon M. Kleinberg, Thomas M. Lento, Itamar Rosenn
Two Paths of Glory — Structural Positions and Trajectories of Websites within Their Topical Territory PDF
Dominique Cardon, Guilhem Fouetillou, Camille Roth
Political Polarization on Twitter PDF
Michael D. Conover, Jacob Ratkiewicz, Matthew Francisco, Bruno Goncalves, Filippo Menczer, Alessandro Flammini
Escaping Information Poverty through Internet Newsgroups PDF
Laura Hasler, Ian Ruthven
The Prevalence of Political Discourse in Non-Political Blogs PDF
Sean A. Munson, Paul Resnick
The Effect of Mobile Platforms on Twitter Content Generation PDF
Mathieu Perreault, Derek Ruths
Detecting and Tracking Political Abuse in Social Media PDF
Jacob Ratkiewicz, Michael D. Conover, Mark Meiss, Bruno Goncalves, Alessandro Flammini, Filippo Menczer Menczer
How Does Social Capital Affect Retweets? PDF
Raquel Recuero, Ricardo Araujo, Gabriela Zago
Scalable Event-Based Clustering of Social Media Via Record Linkage Techniques PDF
Timo Reuter, Philipp Cimiano, Lucas Drumond, Krisztian Buza, Lars Schmidt-Thieme
An Assessment of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Task Performance in Crowdsourcing Markets PDF
Jakob Rogstadius, Vassilis Kostakos, Aniket Kittur, Boris Smus, Jim Laredo, Maja Vukovic
Differential Adaptive Diffusion: Understanding Diversity and Learning whom to Trust in Viral Marketing PDF
Hossam Sharara, William Rand, Lise Getoor
Classifying the Political Leaning of News Articles and Users from User Votes PDF
Daniel Xiaodan Zhou, Paul Resnick, Qiaozhu Mei

Poster Papers

Who Should I Follow? Recommending People in Directed Social Networks PDF
Michael J. Brzozowski, Daniel M. Romero
Using the H-Index to Estimate Blog Authority PDF
José Devezas, Sérgio Nunes, Cristina Ribeiro
Automatic Group-Interactive Radio Using Social-Networks of Musicians PDF
Ben Fields, Christophe Rhodes, Mark d'Inverno
Understanding the Demographics of Twitter Users PDF
Alan Mislove, Sune Lehmann, Yong-Yeol Ahn, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, J. Niels Rosenquist
Unearthing People from the SaND: Relationship Discovery with Social Media in the Enterprise PDF
Adam Perer, Ido Guy, Erel Uziel, Inbal Ronen, Michal Jacovi
Hierarchical Bayesian Models for Latent Attribute Detection in Social Media PDF
Delip Rao, Michael Paul, Clay Fink, David Yarowsky, Timothy Oates, Glen Coppersmith
Describing the Web in less than 140 Characters PDF
Stéphane Raux, Nils Grünwald, Christophe Prieur
Maintaining Ties on Social Media Sites: The Competing Effects of Balance, Exchange, and Betweenness PDF
Daniel Mauricio Romero, Brendan Meeder, Vladimir Barash, Jon Kleinberg
An Optimized Web Feed Aggregation Approach for Generic Feed Types PDF
David Urbansky, Sandro Reichert, Klemens Muthmann, Daniel Schuster, Alexander Schill
Future Link Prediction in the Blogosphere for Recommendation PDF
Shanchan Wu, Louiqa Raschid, William Rand

Workshop on the Future of the Social Web

How Bad Do You Spell?: The Lexical Quality of Social Media PDF
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Luz Rello

Workshop on Social Innovation and Social Media

Social Innovation Meets Social Media: A Framework Proposal PDF
Ricard Ruiz de Querol, Karolin Kappler, Andreas Kaltenbrunner, Yana Volkovich, David Laniado

Workshop on the Social Mobile Web

Modeling the Detection of Textual Cyberbullying PDF
Karthik Dinakar, Roi Reichart, Henry Lieberman