Presentations and Authors

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Full Papers

Center of Attention: How Facebook Users Allocate Attention across Friends PDF
Lars Backstrom, Eytan Bakshy, Jon M. Kleinberg, Thomas M. Lento, Itamar Rosenn
Insights into Internet Memes PDF
Christian Bauckhage
4chan and /b/: An Analysis of Anonymity and Ephemerality in a Large Online Community PDF
Michael Scott Bernstein, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Drew Harry, Paul André, Katrina Panovich, Greg Vargas
Modelling Action Cascades in Social Networks PDF
Kushal Shailesh Dave, Rushi Bhatt, Vasudeva Varma
More Voices Than Ever? Quantifying Media Bias in Networks PDF
Yu-Ru Lin, James P. Bagrow, David Lazer
Extracting Meta Statements from the Blogosphere PDF
Filipe Mesquita, Denilson Barbosa
Exploiting User Interest on Social Media for Aggregating Diverse Data and Predicting Interest PDF
Nozomi Nori, Danushka Bollegala, Mitsuru Ishizuka
Scalable Event-Based Clustering of Social Media Via Record Linkage Techniques PDF
Timo Reuter, Philipp Cimiano, Lucas Drumond, Krisztian Buza, Lars Schmidt-Thieme

Poster Papers

Improving Text Clustering with Social Tagging PDF
M. Eduardo Ares, Javier Parapar, Álvaro Barreiro
Beyond Trending Topics: Real-World Event Identification on Twitter PDF
Hila Becker, Mor Naaman, Luis Gravano
Selecting Quality Twitter Content for Events PDF
Hila Becker, Mor Naaman, Luis Gravano
You Are Known by How You Vlog: Personality Impressions and Nonverbal Behavior in YouTube PDF
Joan-Isaac Biel, Oya Aran, Daniel Gatica-Perez
Modeling Public Mood and Emotion: Twitter Sentiment and Socio-Economic Phenomena PDF
Johan Bollen, Huina Mao, Alberto Pepe
Facebook Use and Social Capital — A Longitudinal Study PDF
Petter Bae Brandtzæg, Oded Nov
Who Should I Follow? Recommending People in Directed Social Networks PDF
Michael J. Brzozowski, Daniel M. Romero
Automatically Identifying Groups Based on Content and Collective Behavioral Patterns of Group Members PDF
Michelle Gregory, Dave W. Engel, Eric Bell, Andy Piatt, Scott Dowson, Andrew Cowell
Mapping the Political Twitterverse: Candidates and Their Followers in the Midterms PDF
Alexander Hanna, Ben Sayre, Leticia Bode, JungHwan Yang, Dhavan Shah
Identifying Users Across Social Tagging Systems PDF
Tereza Iofciu, Peter Fankhauser, Fabian Abel, Kerstin Bischoff
Maintaining Ties on Social Media Sites: The Competing Effects of Balance, Exchange, and Betweenness PDF
Daniel Mauricio Romero, Brendan Meeder, Vladimir Barash, Jon Kleinberg
High Correlation between Incoming and Outgoing Activity: A Distinctive Property of Online Social Networks? PDF
Diego Saez-Trumper, David Nettleton, Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Demonstration Papers

Automatic Identification and Presentation of Twitter Content for Planned Events PDF
Hila Becker, Feiyang Chen, Dan Iter, Mor Naaman, Luis Gravano
TweetTracker: An Analysis Tool for Humanitarian and Disaster Relief PDF
Shamanth Kumar, Geoffrey Barbier, Mohammad Ali Abbasi, Huan Liu

Workshop on the Future of the Social Web

How Bad Do You Spell?: The Lexical Quality of Social Media PDF
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Luz Rello

Workshop on Social Innovation and Social Media

Information Markets for Social Participation in Public Policy Design and Implementation PDF
Gregoris Mentzas, Dimitris Apostolou, Efthimios Bothos, Babis Magoutas

Workshop on the Social Mobile Web

Measuring User Influence on Twitter Using Modified K-Shell Decomposition PDF
Phil E. Brown, Junlan Feng