Presentations and Authors

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Novel Applications Track

A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Parallel Machine Scheduling at Semiconductor Back-End Production PDF
Jelle Adan, Ivo Adan, Alp Akcay, Rick Van den Dobbelsteen, Joep Stokkermans
Reserved Optimisation: Handling Incident Priorities in Emergency Response Systems PDF
Muralidhar Konda, Supriyo Ghosh, Pradeep Varakantham
Footprint Placement for Mosaic Imaging by Sampling and Optimization PDF
Scott A. Mitchell, Christopher G. Valicka, Stephen Rowe, Simon X. Zou
Route Planning with Breaks and Truck Driving Bans Using Time-Dependent Contraction Hierarchies PDF
Marieke S. van der Tuin, Mathijs de Weerdt, G. Veit Batz

Operations Research Track

Comparing and Integrating Constraint Programming and Temporal Planning for Quantum Circuit Compilation PDF
Kyle E. C. Booth, Minh Do, J. Christopher Beck, Eleanor Rieffel, Davide Venturelli, Jeremy Frank
Bounded Rank Optimization for Effective and Efficient Emergency Response PDF
Pallavi Manohar, Pradeep Varakantham, Hoong Chuin Lau

Planning and Learning Track

A General Approach for Configuring PDDL Problem Models PDF
Mauro Vallati, Ivan Serina