Presentations and Authors

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Main Track

Symmetry Breaking in Star-Topology Decoupled Search PDF
Daniel Gnad, Álvaro Torralba, Alexander Shleyfman, Joerg Hoffmann
Automated Verification of Social Law Robustness in STRIPS PDF
Erez Karpas, Alexander Shleyfman, Moshe Tennenholtz
Adapting Novelty to Classical Planning as Heuristic Search PDF
Michael Katz, Nir Lipovetzky, Dany Moshkovich, Alexander Tuisov
A New Approach to Temporal Planning with Rich Metric Temporal Properties PDF
Son Thanh To, Benjamin Johnson, Mark Roberts, David W. Aha
The Limits of Strong Privacy Preserving Multi-Agent Planning PDF
Jan Tožička, Michal Štolba, Antonín Komenda
Occupation Measure Heuristics for Probabilistic Planning PDF
Felipe Trevizan, Sylvie Thiébaux, Patrik Haslum
An Investigation of Phase Transitions in Single-Machine Scheduling Problems PDF
Zhihui Wang, Bryan O'Gorman, Tony T. Tran, Eleanor G. Rieffel, Jeremy Frank, Minh Do

Robotics Track

Planning with Abstract Markov Decision Processes PDF
Nakul Gopalan, Marie desJardins, Michael L. Littman, James MacGlashan, Shawn Squire, Stefanie Tellex, John Winder, Lawson L.S. Wong
Hybrid Task Planning Grounded in Belief: Constructing Physical Copies of Simple Structures PDF
Takeshi Takahashi, Michael William Lanighan, Roderic A. Grupen